GoDataDriven Open Source Contribution for March and April 2019

03 May, 2019
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Two months in one for this edition. Game of Thrones takes a lot of time away 🙂

But first things first: Bas has become an official Apache Airflow committer! Congrats Bas!

And he really deserved it: he contributed a whopping 14 PRs to Apache Airflow in these two
months, plus 4 other PRs to other open source projects such as astroid. In total: 18 PRs!

Fokko did some work as well with 25PRs on projects such as Airflow, Apache Flink, Apache
Hive, Apache parquet-mr, Apache Avro and our own Divolte collector. After two years, Apache Avro is getting ready for the release version 1.9.0. If you’re interested, please join the Avro dev mail list to test the release candidate.

Rodrigo contributed PR 182, 183, and 185 to keras-preprocessing and PR 13423 to

[Daniel] contributed PR 2651 to ksql i.e. the awesome query language on top of Apache Kafka.

Vincent contributed PR 117 and 126 to scikit-lego, his own project with the missing blocks
for scikit-learn pipelines.

Last, but certainly not least, Julian open sourced airflow-fs a project that is very dear to my
hearth: a system of composable filesystem hooks and operators for Apache Airflow. Be sure to check
it out if you’re using Apache Airflow, it’s really awesome!

That’s it for this edition! If you, like many others, are searching for you next challenge for
2019, don’t forget we’re hiring! (Especially software and data engineers!).

For more goodness follow me on Twitter: I’m gglanzani there!


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