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Learn how to take data and AI concepts from concept to prototype and to production-ready applications. Acquire the Data Engineering skills to develop and run data solutions at an enterprise scale with ease!

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Up your skills as a Data Engineer

As a Data Engineer, you process data, set up Data Science models, keep them running, and continuously innovate. To accommodate that, we offer Data Engineers the opportunity to learn how to work with different tools and technologies. How about learning how to use Apache Airflow? Or use Google Cloud Platform as a Data Engineer? Or maybe Kubernetes, Docker, Spark, Hadoop, Python, or Neo4J?

Find a relevant course for any level of experience or check out our Data Engineer Learning Journey. And if you get lost in your search for the next step in your personal learning journey, we’re happy to help. Our experienced trainers know how to use Big Data, build data-driven apps, and scale up infrastructures using innovative technologies.

Get the most out of data by learning from experts in the field and like-minded peers!

Data Engineer Learning Journey

Data Engineer Learning Journey

Become an even better Data Engineer with our data engineering learning journey and training courses to boost your career path.

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Recommended Data Engineering Courses

Apache Airflow

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Data Engineering Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

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Data Processing at Scale

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Docker & Kubernetes

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Optimizing Apache Spark & Tuning Best Practices

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Apache Airflow training courses
Apache Spark training courses
Docker training courses
Google Cloud training courses

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Data Literacy Upskill Program

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Empower your distributed team(s) with the skills to harness data and improve enterprise performance. From setting up a data academy to skills assessments and teaching the capabilities needed to succeed to the guidelines for a data community, we’ve got you covered!

Meet the trainers

Andrew Snare

Andrew Snare is a trainer at Xebia Academy in the Software Engineering and Data Engineering fields.

Kris Geusebroek

Meet Kris Geusebroek, a Big Data trainer at Xebia Academy. He’s an expert in Apache Spark, Hadoop and Cloudera.

Lucy Sheppard 

Meet Lucy Sheppard, trainer at Xebia Data. Lucy is a data science trainer and teaches many Python courses as well as dbt Learn.

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