GoDataDriven open source contribution: March 2018 edition

04 Apr, 2018
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Welcome to the Open Source at GoDataDriven, March 2018 edition.

And what an edition, it's fully packed!

Let's start with Kris:

  • he contributed PR 753 to Neo4J Apoc procedures;
  • PR 5 to his Docker-Kafka image.

But he didn't work alone! Together with Bas, they contributed to PR 1, 2, and 3 to our Ansible scripts to install Druid! Bas kept on chumming though, and contributed to Scruid PR 9, what our own Fokko defined as "pure art!"

Fokko wasn't exactly dormant though — even though he might have had to do open source work while sleeping, as there's no other explanation to his prolificness!

I played a bit more with JupyterLab, resulting in PR 579, 580, and 586 to Jupyter's own docker-stack.

Now onto the next bit!

Pandas documentation sprint

On the tenth of March, there has been a global effort to improve the API documentation for pandas: worldwide people sat together and started contributing away.


GoDataDriven hosted — of course we did — the Dutch effort: Janelle and Vincent coordinated the event and on a Saturday a dozen volunteers met at our office. This resulted in PR 20181, 20146, 20278, 20279, 20275, 20274 by Janelle and PR 20218 and 20230 by Vincent.

If you're still unconvinced we love open source…

I don't know what to do! We really love it! And we're hiring, just so you know!

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