Xebia Academy collaborates with This is Performance to offer certified OKR training in the Netherlands

Xebia Academy, a leading provider of technology and professional training courses, is proud to announce a new partnership with Utrecht-based This Is Performance. Together, we are clinching the cross-border collaboration with OKR Institute®, a world leader in Objective and Key Results (OKR) training and certification. This collaboration enables both parties to offer certified OKR training specifically for the Dutch market.

24 November, 2023

Why a partnership between Xebia Academy and This Is Performance?

The partnership between Xebia Academy and This is Performance is based on a joint need to further develop the training materials of OKR Institute® and roll out an OKR training program in the Netherlands. “We see an increasing demand for specialized OKR training in the Netherlands,” said Jurriaan Bernson, Managing Director of Xebia Academy. “This partnership allows us to meet this demand with high-quality, customized OKR training.”

How did this collaboration come about?

Co-Founder of This is Performance, Marco van Damme says, “The shared values and common goal of driving innovation and growth made this collaboration a logical next step.”

“Our conversations with This is Performance were very productive from the beginning,” adds Bernson. “We share a vision for high-quality training and practical application of OKR principles.”

How does it benefit our customers and trainees?

Xebia Academy customers and trainees can now benefit from certified OKR training courses adapted to the Dutch market and corporate culture. These training courses provide practical insights and skills to effectively implement OKRs within their organizations.

“This partnership with Xebia Academy is a great step forward,” said Renzo Zitman, Managing Partner of This is Performance. “We are excited to share our expertise in OKR with a wider audience in the Netherlands.”


About Xebia Academy

Xebia Academy is the training arm of Xebia, a global IT consulting company that has grown into an organization with more than 5,500 professionals in 24 offices on four continents. In 2001, Xebia was the first Dutch organization to embrace and introduce the Agile way of working within software development to the Dutch market.

In support of these services, Xebia Academy offers individual training and company-wide upskill programs in Agile/Scrum, Cloud, Data and AI, DevOps, Leadership, Low Code, Microsoft, Product Management, Security and Software Technology through Xebia Academy.

About This is Performance

This is Performance is part of the This Group and Certified Gold Partner Benelux of the OKR Institute®. We support organizations in translating their strategic vision into tangible goals. Through years of experience within organizations, we have learned that it is the combination of process and people that ensures sustainable success in organizational development. The OKR method is an approach that is ideally suited to this.


For further information about the partnership and OKR training in the Netherlands, you can contact:

OKR training at Xebia Academy

Certified OKR Practitioner – Fundamentals

Discover the power of OKRs – a popular goal-setting framework businesses, organizations, and individuals use to achieve better outcomes. With clear and measurable objectives, track your progress and stay focused, aligned, and accountable. Learn the fundamentals of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs).

Certified OKR Practitioner – Applied

Do you know what Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are, but you don’t know how to practically apply them to your work or organization? With this hands-on ‘Certified OKR Practitioner – Applied’ training, you’ll learn to apply OKRs in different settings, such as team management and business strategy. Empower your teams with OKRs with practical examples and best practices.

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