Security in Google Cloud Platform

21 October, 2024Hilversum, The Netherlands

3 days
In Person
Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Become a Professional GCP Security Engineer. Design, develop, and manage secure infrastructures using Google security technologies. With this course, you elevate your expertise by partaking in Google’s Security Engineering track and earn your Professional Cloud Security Engineer certificate.

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3 days


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What will you learn?

Are you an Information Security Specialist or Cloud Architect planning to use Google Cloud Platform? Do you want to obtain a Professional Google certificate? This two-day journey of presentations, hands-on labs, and demos is designed to help you gain expertise in Google’s security technologies. From deploying secure GCP solutions and learning tactics to countering various threats, this training encapsulates the cumulative skills and know-how to help you prepare for the Google Security Engineer exam.

Key takeaways

  1. Understanding GCP infrastructure fundamentals  
  2. Exploring all of Google Cloud’s security approaches  
  3. Designing robust security architectures  
  4. Mitigating DDoS and phishing attacks  
  5. Implementing effective access controls  
  6. Securing cloud data and applications  
  7. Building Proficiency in IAM  
  8. Exploring VPC isolation strategies  
  9. Obtain Professional Cloud Security Engineer certification (after examination)  


  • Foundations of GCP Security: Explore Google Cloud’s security approach and shared responsibility model. Learn to mitigate threats through Access Transparency.  
  • Cloud Identity: Master Cloud Identity, syncing with Microsoft AD, and making authentication choices.  
  • Identity and Access Management: Dive into GCP Resource Manager, IAM roles, policies, and best practices.  
  • Configuring Google Virtual Private Cloud: Learn VPC firewall setup, load balancing, SSL policies, and network structuring.  
  • Monitoring, Logging, Auditing, and Scanning: Understand Stackdriver, VPC flow logs, audit logging, and deploying Forseti.  
  • Securing Compute Engine: Explore service accounts, IAM roles, SSH key management, and VM best practices.  
  • Securing Cloud Data: Master Cloud Storage permissions, auditing, encryption, and BigQuery access control.  
  • Distributed Denial of Service Mitigations: Learn to protect against DDoS using GCLB, Cloud CDN, autoscaling, and more.  
  • Application Security: Understand DoS protection, Cloud Security Scanner, and mitigating identity and OAuth phishing.  
  • Content-related Vulnerabilities: Use effective strategies to Counter threats like ransomware, data misuse, and privacy violations.  

Who is it for?

This training is ideally designed for Cloud Information Security Analysts, Architects, Engineers, and Cybersecurity Specialists.   


This training is recommended for those with foundational knowledge of Information Security, basic proficiency with command-line tools, reading comprehension of Python or JavaScript, and experience with systems operations (deploying and managing applications on-premises or in a public cloud environment).   

Before enrolling, we advise you to complete the Google Cloud Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure / Networking in Google Cloud Platform course.  

Why should I follow this training?

Build expert-level GCP security skills.

Prepare for the Google Security Engineer exam.

Gain insights from real Cloud gurus.

What else
should I know?

Course information

Xebia is a Google Cloud Authorized Training Partner, our trainers are experienced gurus with extensive practical field knowledge.

Literature and a delicious lunch are included in the price of the training.

Bring your laptop to the training. 

Travel and accommodation are not included.

Exam and Certification

While this training does not offer a certificate, the knowledge you gain will significantly impact your ability to deliver robust products. Our Google Cloud Platform training courses all follow the curriculum drawn up by Google. This training prepares you for Google’s Professional Cloud Security Engineering exam and certificate.

  • Please note, Google recommends you to have 3+ years of industry experience, including 1+ years designing and managing solutions using GCP before taking the exam.
  • The exam is not included in this training.

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