Resilience and Chaos Engineering

The Netherlands


Want to master the art of designing, modeling, and creating robust software that thrives even in the face of component failures? Whether migrating to the cloud or building microservices, this virtual training equips you with the skills to conquer complexity and handle failures like a pro.

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What will you learn?

In this intensive virtual training (two half-day sessions), you will dive deep into Resilience and Chaos Engineering concepts. Design and construct a distributed system with unwavering resilience. Experiment with failures and observe system behavior. Explore Resilience Engineering Patterns and their real-world applications. Leverage Observability to gain insights into system dynamics. Craft and execute Chaos Engineering experiments with finesse.


  • What are Resilience Engineering patterns
  • When to use the Resilience Engineering patterns
  • The role of Observability in software development
  • Benefits of Chaos Engineering

Hands-on experience:

  • Implement Resilience Engineering patterns
  • Observe the behavior of your system
  • Design and implement Chaos Engineering experiments

Skills development:

  • Design, model, and implement quality software
  • Create resilient systems
  • Improve current systems
  • Implement Chaos Engineering
  • Design and implement metrics, traces, and alarms

Key takeaways

  1. Master Resilience Engineering Patterns
  2. Grasp the strategic utilization of Observability
  3. Know how to use the power of Chaos Engineering for superior results
  4. Develop hands-on skills in system resilience, behavior analysis, and experimentation.


  • Resilience Engineering Patterns: Strategies and building blocks to enhance system resilience
  • Observability: deep insights into system behavior to unveil system dynamics
  • The Power of Chaos Engineering: Design and implement experiments to bolster system reliability

Who is it for?

This training is perfect for Software Developers and Architects with several years of programming experience. It suits professionals seeking to design, model, and implement resilient software systems and software specialists aiming to enhance current systems, implement Chaos Engineering, and drive system improvement.


You have several years of experience in programming and knowledge of distributed systems.

You will also need your own laptop (with your preferred IDE and Docker installed and configured) for this course.

Why should I follow this training?

Build fault-tolerant software systems with Resilience Engineering Patterns.

Leverage Observability to uncover hidden insights in your systems.

Master Chaos Engineering to identify vulnerabilities and strengthen systems.

What else should I know?

After registering for this course, you will receive a confirmation email with practical information. A week before the start of the program, we will share relevant literature if you need to prepare.

See you soon! 

Course information

The course will be given in two virtual, half-day training sessions (see training dates)

You will need your own laptop (with preferred IDE and Docker installed and configured).

The price includes all study materials.

Meet the trainers

Balász Nagy

Due to the many benefit of SRE, Balász Nagy is a passionate SRE trainer at Xebia Academy.

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