Idiomatic Kotlin for Spring Boot Developers

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This Idiomatic Kotlin for Spring Boot Developers training gets you up to speed with Kotlin in only two days. You will learn and practice all you need to use Kotlin professionally with the Spring Boot framework. Covering the fundamentals of the language as well as the most important features, you will learn when and how to apply all of them effectively. Based on a combination of theory, live coding, and hands-on exercises, you will get proficient in Kotlin in no time, even when you already have some Kotlin experience!

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What will you learn?

During the Kotlin Professional Developer training, you will learn: 

All the relevant Kotlin language features needed for production purposes  

How to write concise, expressive, safe, and maintainable code in an idiomatic way. 

How to solve problems using immutability, functional programming, and functional collections in an elegant way 

How to use all the Kotlin features the Spring Boot framework offers  

How to test Kotlin code with the most popular test frameworks and libraries available  

To master Kotlin tooling (IDE) and build system (maven) 

Assuming a background with Java and Spring Boot, frequent comparisons with Java will be made to enable a smooth transition from Java to Kotlin 

Key takeaways

  1. Get up to speed with Kotlin in no-time 
  2. Unleash Kotlin’s full potential with the Spring Boot framework 
  3. Learn all relevant language features that allow you to be effective with Kotlin 
  4. Get to know the concepts behind the features so you understand their goal and when to apply them best 
  5. Learn how to leverage Kotlin in your current applications 


  • Object Orientation  
  • Testing 
  • Null Safety 
  • Generics 
  • Functional Programming  
  • Collections 

Who is it for?

This course is for every developer or architect who: 

  • wants to learn and get effective with the hottest language on the JVM in combination with the Spring Boot framework 
  • has some prior experience with Kotlin and wants to get the most out of the language together with Spring Boot 


Basic programming experience  

Basic experience with Spring Boot 

Why should I follow this training?

Get effective with Kotlin in no-time

Use Kotlin as intended rather than in a Java-ish or <other-language>-ish way

Learn how to apply all relevant Kotlin features for production purpose

Be taught be JetBrains certified Kotlin cracks, who coach Kotlin teams and contribute to open source regularly

What else
should I know?

The course contains theoretical sections, and many practical exercises so be sure to prepare your environment beforehand so that we can get the most out of our time. If you’re already familiar with Kotlin, be sure to prepare and bring all your questions beforehand so that we can resolve all your doubts and questions.

See you soon!


Course information

The training is taught by Certified Kotlin trainers who use Kotlin daily, contribute to open source, and coach teams in how to get the most out of Kotlin 

You need to bring your own laptop to this training 

Installation of Kotlin environment for practical sections 

Bring plenty of energy and motivation to level up your Kotlin skills 

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