Docker and Kubernetes

9 September, 2024Amsterdam, The Netherlands

3 days
In Person
Data and AI
Data Engineering
Software Development

Containerized solutions are here to stay — but what exactly are containers? And how do you build, run, and deploy them? This course covers those questions and more.

In three days, you will learn exactly how Docker containers work — how to build them, how to place your applications in them, and how to run them. You will also learn how to deploy your containerized applications in a Kubernetes cluster and manage all aspects of its life cycle.

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3 days


09:00 – 17:00









What will you learn?

After the training, you will be able to:

Containerize your application.

Deploy your container(s) to Kubernetes.

Interact with the container.

Manage the application and the cluster.

Use best practices to design containerized applications.


  • Introduction to Docker and containers.
  • Working with the Docker CLI.
  • Writing Dockerfiles.
  • How to work with volumes and containers.
  • Understand how layers work and why they are important.
  • The joy of automation with Docker Compose.
  • Deploying Docker in CI/CD pipelines.

This training is for you if:

You are a (data) engineer/architect or curious data scientist.

You want to learn about microservices architectures.

You want to learn best practices about containerizing (data) applications.

You want to learn best practices for creating and orchestrating container clusters.

Bonus if you have some basic knowledge of *nix, though not essential.

This training is not for you if:

You are looking to know how containers can help your organization, but do not plan on building or operating them.

You are only interested in learning docker fundamentals but not in orchestration with Kubernetes. Have a look at our one-day Docker training instead.

Learn to optimize containerized designs

Learn how to optimize your containerized designs with best practices from real-world examples.

Deploy your applications in a reproducible and scalable way

This is a hands-on training that walks you through deploying your applications in a reproducible and scalable way with Docker and Kubernetes – learn today, apply tomorrow!

Learn how to design and orchestrate complex use cases

With the experience from many personal use cases, our trainers will guide you in designing and orchestrating complex use cases.

What else
should I know?

After registering for this training, you will receive a confirmation email with practical information. A week before the training, the trainer will get in touch to ask you about any requirements you may have and any pre-course tasks you will need to do.

See you soon!

Course information

All literature and course materials are included in the price.

After registering for this course, you will receive a confirmation email with practical information.

Please bring your own laptop to the training course.

Online courses are delivered via Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

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