Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions (AZ-305)

The Netherlands


During this four-day AZ-305 training, we will reveal the secrets to designing powerful Microsoft Azure infrastructure solutions! Great for architects who want to create rock-solid, customizable, and advanced Azure network environments.  

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What will you learn?

This 3-day course will teach you how to make architectural decisions based on AWS architectural principles and best practices. Leverage AWS services to scale, optimize performance, and enhance the availability of your infrastructure. Explore AWS Managed Services for greater flexibility and resiliency. Improve your architecture using the Well-Architected Framework and apply AWS solutions. Enhance your skills in building secure and cost-effective applications on the AWS platform.

This role-based training offers a blend of theory and case studies for hands-on experience with architect design principles. You will learn how to design, develop, and implement infrastructural applications and solve issues in governance and computing, storage and data integration, app architecture, security and access, monitoring, networking, and migration. Our team of Azure experts will ensure you are thoroughly prepared for the Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions (AZ-305) exam.

Key takeaways

  1. Cloud infrastructure: Design infrastructure solutions for governance and computing.
  2. Software development: Learn all about application architecture.
  3. Storage and data: Explore relational/non-relational storage and data integration.
  4. Security: Dive into authentication, authorization, identity security, and role-based access (RBAC).
  5. Reliability: Expand your networking, backup, and disaster recovery skills.
  6. Operations: Become an expert at monitoring and migration.


This 4-day training program covers four modules, each containing several sub-modules and hands-on labs or case studies. You will learn to design with identity, governance, and computing in mind, plus how to implement solutions for relational and non-relational storage and data integration. Other topics covered include resilient app architectures, secure access, efficient monitoring, network design, continuity planning, and successful migration strategies for Azure solutions. Join us and expand your technical skillset! (523)

  • Design governance and compute solutions: Develop organizational hierarchy, enforce rules, and manage Azure resources effectively. Choose the right computing service for the job. 
  • Design storage and data integration solutions: Master relational and non-relational storage, data types, and data-encrypted solutions. Learn to architect cloud data solutions.
  • Design app architecture, access, and monitoring solutions: Build resilient, well-scaled applications with secure access. Implement monitoring strategies for optimal performance.
  • Design network, continuity, and migration solutions: Recommend network architectures, ensure business continuity, and plan smooth migrations.

Who is it for?

Are you an Azure enthusiast passionate about designing cutting-edge cloud and hybrid solutions This role-based training is crafted for Azure Solutions Architects, subject matter experts, and those responsible for translating business requirements into designs that align seamlessly with the Azure Well-Architected Framework. Are you ready to elevate your career and become a sought-after Azure Solutions Architect? The AZ-305 certification will empower you with the technical skills and knowledge to design, implement, and optimize powerful Azure solutions.


You have completed the Certified Microsoft Azure Administrator training (AZ-104).

You understand Active Directory concepts, like users, groups, and role-based access.

You have strong conceptual knowledge of Azure Storage Technologies (unstructured and databases).

You are familiar with general design concepts, like messaging and high availability.

You have experience with Azure Virtual Networking, including load balancers.

Why should I do this training

AZ-305 certificate

Boost your career by becoming a certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert.

Learn from an MVP

Your trainer is a premier league Microsoft expert, who is also active in the field as a consultant

Azure knowledge

Deepen your understanding of Azure management and expand your technical skillset

What else
should I know?

Course information

Exam included: One AZ-305 exam attempt is included in the training price.

Languages: Training is in English. We can provide a Dutch in-company training.

Materials included: We will provide all necessary study materials.

Laptop: Bring your laptop with Visual Studio and an Azure Trial subscription.

Lunch included: A delicious lunch and a variety of snacks are part of the deal!

T&A: Travel and accommodation expenses are not included.

Meet our trainers

Bas van de Sande

Bas van de Sande, Azure Coding Architect at Xpirit & trainer at Xebia Academy, is expert in software development with Microsoft tech, incl. Microsoft Azure.

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