The Obeya Playbooks: Hosting and Building Effective Obeya Rooms

Transform Your Obeya Skills

Join our expert-led webinar and discover the secrets to effective Obeya hosting and building. Learn practical patterns, gain access to our exclusive playbooks, and take your facilitation and design skills to the next level. 


June 28th 2024


11:00 – 12:00 CET







A New Era of Collaboration: Mastering the Obeya Builder and Hosting Role

In today’s fast-paced and dynamic business environment, effective collaboration and decision-making are critical. The Obeya, or “big room,” concept has emerged as a powerful strategy to align teams, streamline processes, and drive results. As the roles of an Obeya host and builder are pivotal to the success of these sessions, mastering the art of facilitation and room design is essential. 

Webinar: “The Obeya Playbooks: Hosting and Building Effective Obeya Rooms” is designed to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in these roles. This interactive session, led by experienced professionals, will guide you through the key patterns and techniques for effective Obeya hosting and building. Participants will also receive free copies of our comprehensive playbooks, filled with actionable insights and practical tips. 


This comprehensive webinar is designed to cover the essential aspects of both hosting and building Obeya rooms. Through interactive sessions and expert guidance, you’ll learn practical techniques and gain valuable insights to enhance your Obeya practices. Here’s what you can expect:


Merijn Boekel-van den Brink

Merijn Boekel-van den Brink is an Obeya trainer at Xebia Academy. As an work and organizational psychologist, she’s the right person to do so.

Laurens Bonnema

Laurens Bonnema is an Agile Trainer, Management Consultant, and mentor to leaders creating resilient organizations at any scale. He helps leaders improve software delivery, marketing, finance, and HR by merging classic and agile management. He is the co-author of three books: “The Professional Agile Leader,” “Inspiring Project Management with Agile,” and “50 FAQs of a Scrum Master.”

Laurens is an allround, experienced trainer at Xebia Academy. With a background as an Agile Management Consultant, he’s an expert in sustainably aligning business and IT to improve the results of IT projects. With his strong background in IT, Laurens brings much experience to many different tech topics, like SAFe, Obeya, Leadership, and anything Agile, basically.

Why Should I Watch This?

In this webinar, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the roles of both Obeya host and builder. Our expert-led session will provide you with the tools to enhance your facilitation and room design capabilities, ensuring your Obeya sessions are productive and impactful.


Expert Insights:
Gain valuable knowledge from seasoned Obeya practitioners who have successfully implemented Obeya methodologies in various industries. Our experts will share their real-world experiences, challenges, and solutions, providing you with deep insights into what makes an Obeya session truly effective.


Practical Patterns:
Learn about tested and proven techniques for both hosting and building Obeya rooms. Discover best practices for facilitating engaging sessions, promoting effective communication, and ensuring productive outcomes. Additionally, get practical advice on designing and setting up Obeya rooms that foster collaboration and streamline decision-making processes.


Exclusive Playbooks:
As a participant, you will receive complimentary copies of “The Obeya Host’s Playbook” and “The Obeya Builder Playbook.” These comprehensive guides are packed with actionable insights, detailed patterns, and step-by-step instructions to help you master the roles of an Obeya host and builder. Whether you’re facilitating sessions or creating the physical space, these playbooks will be invaluable resources in your toolkit.

What Will You Learn?

Mastering Facilitation Techniques

Discover how to lead Obeya sessions with confidence, ensuring clear communication, effective collaboration, and actionable outcomes. Learn strategies to keep participants engaged and focused throughout the session.

Designing Effective Obeya Rooms

Gain insights into creating physical and virtual Obeya spaces that enhance teamwork and streamline decision-making processes. Learn about layout considerations, essential tools, and visual management techniques to optimize your Obeya environment.

Implementing Proven Patterns

Explore tested patterns for both hosting and building Obeya rooms. Understand the key principles behind successful Obeya practices and how to tailor them to fit your organization’s unique needs and goals.

For Whom Is It?

This webinar is ideal for:

Aspiring and Current Obeya Hosts: Enhance your facilitation skills and learn best practices. 

Aspiring and Current Obeya Builders: Learn how to design and construct effective Obeya rooms. 

Agile Coaches and Facilitators: Gain deeper insights into the Obeya methodology. 

Project Managers and Team Leaders: Improve team alignment and project outcomes. 

Business Leaders and Executives: Understand how to leverage Obeya for strategic decision-making. 

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