Xebia Academy Receives Renewed Cedeo Certification for 2024-2026

With great pride, we are happy to inform you that we’ve renewed our independent, external Cedeo certification. Not only the continuation of the certification makes us proud, we’re also thrilled to announce that we’ve improved our customer satisfaction score for Public Courses from 9.2 to 9.9 and for Custom Training from 9.2 to 9.4!

09 April, 2024

As customer intimacy and quality without compromise are important Xebia (Academy) values, we take pride in using independent third parties to verify the quality of our training services.

This month, it was time for the renewal of our Cedeo-certification. For those unfamiliar with Cedeo, it’s an independent certification organization that focuses on training courses, education, and other HR services. Every two years, it contacts a selection of our clients to gather feedback on how they value our training services, looking at administration, training and trainer quality, service, training locations, and more.

In recent weeks, Cedeo conducted quality research and interviewed participants who followed our public training courses and corporate contacts who received tailored in-company training. The interviewees had all attended or purchased Xebia Academy training in the past six months.


Public Courses Rating


Custom Training Rating

Major Improvement in Customer Satisfaction Rates

We’ve been surveyed for two categories: Public Training and Tailored Training. And without further ado, we’d like to share with you that we received great news: our customer satisfaction rates improved for both categories!

We’re extremely proud that we received a new certificate for 2024-2026! The Cedeo research focused on different aspects of professional training services. Key topics include:

  • Registration and administration.
  • Training programs and delivery.
  • Trainer quality.
  • Accommodation, material, and training experience.
  • Relationship management.
  • Price-quality ratio.

Feedback from Participants and Customers

Overall, we received positive feedback from both our business clients and individual participants. Let us give you some insights into the feedback we received.

About our training execution, people believe that our training is interactive, dynamic, and very much focused on real-life, practical examples. The courses are seen as “one of the best I ever experienced”.

Obviously, the trainers form the core of our great scores. They are seen as “exceptional”, “crystal clear” in their explanations, and “true experts” with lots of work experience. Our clients also valued our tailored learning solutions that made them “truly fitting to our situation”.

Overall, the administration and contact moments are “informal”, “pleasant”, and “quick”. So, a big compliment to the entire team who have made this possible: the Xebia Academy team, Xebia’s hospitality team, all (external) trainers, and our certification partners!

“In our mission statement, we say we always aim for 9 out of 10. I’m extremely proud to see that we have achieved that again, even surpassing our previous scores!”

Jurriaan Bernson
Managing Director, Xebia Academy

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