Reactive Spring Boot with Kotlin Coroutines training 

Back-End Development

This training course will let you master Kotlin’s Coroutines features and combine them with Reactive Spring Boot. By doing so, you will unleash Kotlin’s tremendous concurrency potential with Spring Boot, which gives you the best of both worlds: reactive application behavior without complexity. Based on a combination of theory, live coding, and hands-on exercises, you will get a Kotlin concurrency expert with the Spring Boot framework in no time!

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What will you learn?

You will learn all the functional programming features Kotlin offers, how to use them as generic building blocks (higher-order functions) and as a means to scope your code for extra conciseness and readability.  

You will learn how to use Kotlin in an idiomatic way making use of immutability, expression-oriented, and scoped constructs so that you can unleash Kotlin’s true power.  

Learn how to use advanced language features like Delegates, advanced Generics, ContextReceivers and where to apply them best 

Get to know how Kotlin helps you designing slick Domain Specific Languages (DSL’s) using various Kotlin features like operators, Extensions, Type-Safe builders and ContextReceivers. 

The last part will be dedicated to Kotlin’s mind-rocking concurrency features Coroutines. You will get to know their benefits and how they work under the hood so that you can write and test concurrent/parallel code in a snap.  

Key takeaways

  1. Learn how to master concurrency with Kotlin Coroutines effectively
  2. Learn the (tremendous) benefits and simplicity of Coroutines over reactive programming with abstractions like Futures, Monos etc. 
  3. Master communication between asynchronous processes and reactive Streams 
  4. Get to know how to considerably reduce complexity by combining Coroutines on top of reactive Spring Boot 
  5. Learn how to write resilient, highly performant and concurrent real-world applications with reactive Spring Boot and Coroutines 


  • Coroutines Introduction 
  • Testing Coroutines 
  • Coroutines Interoperability  
  • Coroutines Cancellation and Exception handling 
  • Channels 
  • Flows  

Who is it for?

This course is for every developer or architect who wants to:

  • fully master concurrency with Kotlin’s Coroutines  
  • considerably reduce complexity for reactive Spring Boot applications 
  • get in-depth knowledge about concurrent application development with minimal complexity 
  • gain the foundation to help other Kotlin developers to make their next step with (reactive) Spring Boot and Kotlin  
  • take a leap with his/her Kotlin skills 


At least half a year of Kotlin experience  

Experience with the Spring Boot framework 

Why should I follow this training?

Become an expert in concurrency

Master advanced concurrency use case and streaming with Kotlin Coroutines 

Master Spring Boot

Learn how to use reactive Spring Boot without the tremendous complexity imposed when used without Coroutines  

Take Kotlin to the next step

Take the next step with Kotlin to broaden your Kotlin experience significantly and be taught be JetBrains certified Kotlin cracks, who coach Kotlin teams and contribute to open source regularly

What else should I know?

The course contains theoretical sections, and many practical exercises so be sure to prepare your environment beforehand so that we can get the most out of our time. If you’re already familiar with Kotlin, be sure to prepare and bring all your questions beforehand so that we can resolve all your doubts and questions. 

Course information

The training is taught by Certified Kotlin trainers that use Kotlin daily, contribute to open source and coach teams in how to get the most out of Kotlin 

You need to bring your own laptop to this training 

Installation of Kotlin environment for practical sections 

Bring plenty of energy and motivation to level up your Kotlin skills 

Meet the trainers

Urs Peter

Urs Peter is a well-known Kotlin trainer and thought leader. Learn more!

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