Certified Microsoft DevOps Engineer Expert

4 July, 2024Hilversum, The Netherlands

5 days
In Person

Become the ultimate DevOps authority with our Certified Microsoft DevOps Engineer Expert training (AZ-400). Master the art of planning, deploying, and managing DevOps developments using Microsoft solutions and third-party tools.

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What will you learn?

As a Microsoft DevOps Engineering Expert, you shape your organization’s cloud processes and integrations. You are responsible for automating and optimizing software development and infrastructure management processes, fostering collaboration, and ensuring applications and systems’ reliability, security, and performance in a continuous delivery environment.

Take part in this training and discover how to plan, deploy and manage DevOps solutions using Microsoft’s Azure offerings and advanced third-party tools. Immerse yourself in a mix of theoretical modules and top-notch practical labs to better understand DevOps in a real-world setting. Are you ready to boost your career? This training seamlessly ties in with the Microsoft Azure DevOps curriculum, offering you the perfect preparation for the AZ-400 exam.

Key takeaways

  1. Azure DevOps Mastery: Harness Azure DevOps for agile development.
  2. Continuous Integration (CI): Automate code integration.
  3. Continuous Deployment (CD): Automate code deployment.
  4. Infrastructure as Code (IaC): Code-driven infrastructure.
  5. Application Monitoring: Optimize app performance.
  6. Security & Compliance: Implement secure practices


In five days, we will cover 20 essential modules. Each module contains at least one hands-on lab, to immediately put what you’ve learned into practice! How do you ensure DevOps planning and continuous integration? How do you use source control and scale Git for source code management? How do you consolidate Azure Artifacts and formulate a dependency management strategy?

This training will provide you with all the answers and more. Other topics we will cover include: strategies for optimizing container builds, release management, deployment, testing, compliance, and monitoring and feedback mechanisms. Expand your technical skillset and become the ultimate DevOps authority in your organization!

Training dates:
Starting in July 2024 includes: July 4, 5, 11, 12 and 18.
Starting in October 2024 includes: October 30, 31, November 6, 7 and 13.

  • Module 1: Plan for DevOps
    How do we transform the business and migrate to Azure?
  • Module 2: Get Started with Source Control
    An introduction to source control systems and the benefits it provides.
  • Module 3: Technical Debt Management
    Identify technical debt and modernize development with Codespaces.
  • Module 4: Work with Git for Enterprise DevOps
    Azure Repos and the move from Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) to Git.
  • Module 5: Configure Azure Pipelines
    Using Azure pipelines in DevOps and Azure Pipelines YAML vs. Visual Designer.
  • Module 6: Continuous Integration with Azure Pipelines
    Implement a build strategy and integrate External Source Control (ESC) with Azure Pipelines.
  • Module 7: Manage Application Configuration and Secrets
    Making security and identity management an integral part of development.
  • Module 8: Continuous Integration with GitHub Actions
    Integrating workflows and securing secrets in GitHub Actions.
  • Module 9: Design and Implement a Dependency Management Strategy
    From package management to the migration and consolidation of artifacts.
  • Module 10: Design a Release Strategy
    What are the best tools to create a high-quality release pipeline?
  • Module 11: Implement Continuous Deployment with Azure Pipelines
    Build release pipelines, provision environments, and manage tasks and templates.
  • Module 12: Implement a Suitable Deployment Pattern
    Blue Green Deployment, Feature Toggles, Canary Releases, Dark Launching, AB Testing, and more. 
  • Module 13: Azure Tools: Infrastructure and Configuration Management
    Infrastructure-as-Code, ARM templates, Azure Automation with DevOps, and more.
  • Module 14: Third-party Infrastructure-as-Code Tools
    Configure and deploy infrastructure using 3rd-party tools like Chef and Puppet.
  • Module 15: Container Management with Docker
    Discover how to modernize existing ASP.NET Apps with Azure.
  • Module 16: Set up and Manage Kubernetes Service Infrastructure
    Learn how to deploy a multi-container application on AKS
  • Module 17: Implement Feedback for Development Teams
    Get to know a range of tracking tools and monitor application performance like a pro!
  • Module 18: Implement Systemic Feedback Mechanisms
    Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), plus ways to collect and analyze user feedback.
  • Module 19: Security in DevOps Projects
    Gain hands-on experience in security and compliance in an Azure DevOps Pipeline. 
  • Module 20: Validating Code Bases for Compliance
    Learn about policies for security and compliance and integrate licensing and vulnerability scans.

Who is it for?

The ideal AZ-400 participant is someone who is excited to get to the bottom of DevOps Engineering. Are you interested in how people, processes and technology work together to deliver business value? And do you want to maximize and professionalize your knowledge and responsibilities as a DevOps Engineer? Then you’ve come to the right place. However, this role-based training does come with some hard entry requirements, like having an AZ-104 or AZ-204 certificate. So double check what is asked, but certainly don’t let this stop you from taking the next step in your Azure journey.


You have completed AZ-900 and have an AZ-104 or AZ-204 certificate.

You have experience with PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS implementations.

You have basic knowledge of cloud computing concepts.

You are skilled at Azure Administrator, Azure Developer, and Version Control.

You are familiar with Agile software development.

Why should I do this training?

Get your AZ-400 certificate

Boost your career by becoming a certified Microsoft DevOps Engineer Expert.

Learn from an MVP

Your trainer is a premier league Microsoft expert, who is also active in the field as a consultant

Expand your Azure knowledge

Deepen your understanding of Azure management and expand your technical skillset

What else
should I know?

Course information

Exam included: One AZ-400 exam attempt is included in the training price.

Languages: Training is in English. We can provide a Dutch in-company training.

Materials included: We will provide all necessary study materials.

Laptop: Bring your laptop with Visual Studio and an Azure Trial subscription.

Lunch included: A delicious lunch and a variety of snacks are part of the deal!

T&A: Travel and accommodation expenses are not included.

Meet our trainers

Bas van de Sande

Bas van de Sande, Azure Coding Architect at Xpirit & trainer at Xebia Academy, is expert in software development with Microsoft tech, incl. Microsoft Azure.

Sofie Wisse

Sofie Wisse is a DevOps consultant and trainer at Xebia Academy and Xebia.

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