Boosting an Engineering Culture with L&D

Discover the transformative power of an engineering culture with insights from Daniel Gebler, CTO of Picnic. Join us for an exclusive event that will redefine your role as an L&D leader in tech.








June 19, 2024


13.00 to 17.00 CET







Cultivating Excellence: an Engineering Culture

These days, many companies are IT companies, whether you like it or not. IT and technological progress is the cornerstone of any company’s success. Finding the right IT engineers is a challenge, though. How do you attract and retain top engineering talent and give them the ecosystem to excel?

Similar to the changing nature of professional organizations, the role of L&D managers is transforming, too. Fostering an environment that promotes innovation and continuous learning has never been more critical.

We at Xebia Academy understand the complex interdependence of skills, mindset, and culture needed to enable a thriving tech workforce. This exclusive event will empower L&D leaders with insights, strategies, and real-world practices to enrich their arsenal for developing top-tier engineering teams.


Join us at the Xebia Academy L&D event for a focused exploration into the heart of tech learning.

Our program features leading voices like Daniel Gebler, CTO of Picnic, offering rare insights into fostering an engineering culture that drives success. From a welcome lunch to enriching talks, and a networking finale, this afternoon is an investment in your professional growth as an L&D leader in the tech space.

Why Attend?

Unlock the full potential of your Learning and Development strategies at our exclusive event, where innovation meets expertise. We are bringing together thought leaders and industry pioneers for an immersive experience that promises not just to inspire but to equip you with the tools for tangible transformation in your organization.

Here’s why you should secure your spot:


Visionary Insights from Picnic’s Tech Leader

Gain a rare opportunity to learn directly from Daniel Gebler, the CTO of Picnic, as he shares his visionary approach to building and nurturing a strong engineering culture. Discover the innovative practices that have propelled Picnic to the forefront of the tech industry and how these strategies can be applied to elevate your own L&D initiatives.


Actionable Strategies for Immediate Impact

Walk away with practical, actionable strategies that you can implement straight away. The event is not just about theoretical knowledge; it’s about equipping you with tools and techniques that will have an immediate positive impact on your team’s culture and performance.


Elevate Your L&D Approach

By attending this event, you will be at the forefront of L&D innovation, adopting avant-garde strategies that can position your organization as a leader in tech education. Learn how to leverage the principles of an engineering culture to create impactful learning experiences that resonate with tech teams and yield sustainable progress.


Networking with L&D Elites

Engage in rich conversations and expand your professional network with an exclusive community of 30 L&D managers. This intimate setting is designed to foster meaningful connections, enabling you to share challenges, exchange ideas and discover collaborative opportunities in the field of tech learning and development.

For Whom Is It?

Your role as an L&D Manager is constantly changing. And with the current high demand for IT engineers across the Netherlands and the world, finding the right talent and keeping them in your organization has become a daunting task.

If you are an L&D Manager and the above situation sounds familiar, this event is for you. All you need to bring is a mindset keen to elevate your organization’s learning strategies. You will also have to be ready to cultivate a culture that not only supports but accelerates engineering excellence.

Learning Outcomes: Three Key Takeaways

Engineering Success: Beyond the Code

Delve into the essence of a superior engineering culture that prioritizes collaboration, innovation, and a growth mindset. This takeaway will give you insights into the non-technical attributes that make tech teams exceptional, from effective communication to a supportive environment that fosters learning and development.

Cultivating Soft Skills in a Hard Tech World

Learn the significance of soft skills in the technology sector and how they can be the differentiator in your team’s success. Discover practical strategies to foster these skills within your teams, ensuring that technical prowess is complemented by strong interpersonal dynamics, adaptability, and problem-solving abilities.

Continuous Improvement as a Team Sport

Understand how to embed the principles of continuous improvement into your team’s DNA. This session will highlight how nurturing a culture of ongoing learning and development can lead to substantial improvements in project outcomes, innovation, and team satisfaction, driving your organization to new heights.

Secure Your Spot Now

Be a part of this illuminating gathering of minds on June 19, 2024. Places are limited to 30 forward-thinking L&D leaders. Reserve your seat today and join us in sculpting the future of tech learning and development.