Certified Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Professional training with SRE certification

Do you want to increase the reliability of your services without slowing down the development of features? Are you already implementing the core concepts of Site Reliability Engineering but want to take the next step? Then this two-day training is something for you. During this course, we will introduce you to advanced practices such as architecting for reliability and chaos engineering and we prepare you for taking the SRE Professional exam. 

Become a professional Site Reliability Engineer

Are you an SRE, operations engineer, or developer who wants to take your understanding of SRE to the next level? In this two-day training, you will be introduced to advanced SRE practices such as architecting for reliability, chaos engineering, antifragility, and observability.

This SRE Professional training is perfect for

This training is perfect for anyone working with SRE already or anyone who has followed the SRE fundamentals course. From Site Reliability Engineers to IT Operation managers, Operation engineers or DevOps engineers, and software developers. If your position involves SRE and you already have a good understanding of the core concepts of SRE, you are especially welcome to join this course! So yes, some prior knowledge about SRE is necessary to make the most out of this training.

What will you learn during the SRE Professional training?

We start with an introduction to this course and briefly look back on the core concepts of SRE. From there, we will look into the advanced practices of SRE, starting with architecting for reliability. Then, we will continue into the world of chaos engineering and antifragility. We will close the two-day training with a deep dive into observability. After this training course, you will be able to apply the concepts from this course in your own organization to increase the reliability of your systems. 


  1. Understand the importance of architecture to increase reliability.
  2. Test and increase your reliability by applying chaos engineering.
  3. Know what is going on within your system by using observability.
  4. Understand the key characteristics of an antifragile system.

Experienced SRE Trainers

Our SRE trainers have a lot of field experience. They already have successfully implemented SRE within different organizations, so you can lift your expertise with their knowledge and tactics. The SRE workshops are part of Xebia's SRE Consulting & training portfolio.

SRE Professional Certification

The exam and APMG certificate are included in the training. The exam can be taken at a moment of your choice (Within one year of the training).

SRE Learning Journey

The Learning Journey of a professional Site Reliability Engineer starts at Xebia Academy! The Certified Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Fundamentals training course will offer you the basics of SRE. After completing this course, continue with this Professional level training. This 2-day course offers you a deep dive into the more advanced subjects, such as chaos engineering, observability, and antifragile systems.

Yes, I want to know more about SRE

After registering for this training, you will receive a confirmation email with practical information. A week before the training, we will ask you about any dietary requirements and share literature if there's a need to prepare. See you soon!


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