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Data Engineering

Data Modeling

The cornerstone of every Power BI dashboard is the model it is built upon. Designing and developing the table structure of a model is key in making life as easy as possible when it comes to writing DAX and creating visualizations.

A good data model also enables easy browsing of all the data in the model by providing a compact, well-structured overview.
During this training, attendees will learn the main concepts of data modeling and how to apply this knowledge in Power BI. This enables attendees to create models that are efficient, transparent and robust.


  • Normalizing vs denormalizing
  • Creating relationships between tables
  • Creating a star schema; Fact vs Dimension tables
  • Distinguish between different categories of Fact tables
  • Managing tables with varying granularity


  • Basic knowledge of Power BI, either by hands-on practical experience or by having attended the “Power BI in a day” training.


  • Understand why it is important to create a data model
  • Understand the difference between fact and dimension tables
  • Learn how to use the Power Query editor to prepare the data for a Star Schema
  • Understand how to create relationships between tables in order to create a Star
  • Differentiate between different kinds of fact tables
  • Model data when the granularity of the tables varies
  • Avoid overcomplicated DAX
  • Enable easy data exploration and dashboard creation
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