Juan Venegas

Juan Venega is a Data and AI trainer for Xebia Academy and a Technical Writer at Xebia Data. With a background in communication and experience in data applications, Juan has the ability to present complex technical ideas in such a way that you can easily understand and remember what he teaches you.

With his background in communications, audiovisual production and physics, Juan knows how to bring together many different business worlds. From a PhD in Physics, he moved on to becoming a communications officer, software developer and trainer.

Juan’s teaching started at Growth Tribe, where he taught AI and Growth Marketing. Moving to Xebia, he now continues his work as a teacher and a technical writer. In these professions, Juan excels in translating difficult technical subjects into easy-to-understand concepts.

Furthermore, he loves to write novels, SEO-optimised blog posts, video scripts, and he can even write you a note from the doctor if you’d like to skip work.

With his background as a physicist, Juan knows how to do research thoroughly. And he won’t rest until all ideas are in place and all punctuation marks are where they should be.

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Data and AI

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Data Storytelling

Gebruik de kracht van data storytelling in Python met onze Data Visualization and Storytelling training.

Data Analytics
Data Engineering
Data Science
2 days


27 – 30 mei, 2024



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