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Migrate to Azure, improve your software delivery, or manage your Microsoft environment

As digital pioneers, we are inspired by the global players in innovative technology. We are proud of our solid relationship with Microsoft across all continents, and for being able to provide significant opportunities for our customers. 

We realize faster and better (cloud-native) software delivery by implementing the Microsoft stack, emphasizing Microsoft Azure. Our experts know the technology and ensure your business is secure and compliant by default. Additionally, we offer managed services in a DevOps way – allowing you to release 30 times a day still! 

Microsoft Services

Relationship with Microsoft

Xebia is a proud Microsoft Partner

As a Managed Service Provider/CSP, we act as a broker. Customers can purchase Azure Cloud, including our managed solutions, directly from us. We also run Accelerator Programs for Microsoft, helping companies land on or migrate to Azure faster.

We are a Microsoft Gold Partner with DevOps, Application Development, Azure Cloud, Data Platform and Data Analytics competencies.

We currently employ 20 MVPs. Professionals who live and breathe Microsoft and contribute to the community with their know-how and experience. Our MVPs directly connect us with Microsoft’s product teams in Redmond. This collaboration enables us to help our clients with issues or challenges in no time.

In addition, Xebia has 3 Microsoft Regional Directors on board who consult directly with Microsoft’s senior management and are always the first to know what the future holds!

  • Managed Service Provider/CSP
  • Running Microsoft’s Accelerator Programs
  • Microsoft Gold Partner
  • 20 MVPs (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional)
  • 3 Microsoft Regional Directors
  • Kubernetes Advanced Specialization

Substantial Business Value with Cloud and DevOps

Our Cloud and DevOps consultants guide your journey from the start. We have helped many customers and gathered a wealth of comprehensive experience, best practices, and accelerators. Together with our partner Microsoft, we create roadmaps, set up teams, and help you establish a cloud set-up that supports DevOps. We also help you hire the most skilled talent, carry out skills assessments (current and future employees), and create learning journeys for your DevOps teams. Here’s a selection of our offerings;

  • DevOps accelerator workshop
  • DevOps assessment
  • Azure DevOps fast track
  • Github Enterprise fast track
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Why Xebia

  • Xebia works with Microsoft authorities, MVPs, and Regional Directors
  • We can all write software, which means that we advise from experience
  • Our quality threshold is high, and we want to make sure we’re working with the leading talents in the market. We will not settle for less, and neither should you
  • As a part of Xebia, we are surrounded by experts in a wide variety of fields. Knowing what’s going on in other digital domains gives us a unique outlook on your Microsoft stack and enables us to offer well-informed consultancy