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A Transformational Journey

Established in 2014 as Xpirit, the separate Microsoft-focused consultancy business within the Xebia group,  Xpirit transitioned into the Microsoft Service Line of parent brand Xebia in 2024 as part of Xebia’s strategic global integration.

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As the name implies, Xebia Microsoft Services specializes in Microsoft technology. But more than Microsoft technology is required in a tech landscape with many different stacks, clouds, and technologies. Being part of the Xebia group, we can bridge the gaps between several technology stacks and serve our customers throughout their digital journey. 

At Xebia, we build digital leaders. At Xebia Microsoft Services, we do so on the Microsoft stack. With a team of Azure, .Net, and DevOps experts spread across multiple regions, we deliver high-end services (consulting, training, and managed services) to our customers to help them build their engineering culture. We are valued for that by our customers and recognized in the industry. Employing twenty-four Microsoft MVPs and five Microsoft Regional Directors, we are uniquely positioned in the IT landscape.

Xebia Microsoft Services is not just about technology; it’s about creating digital leaders and building great software and platforms, sharing knowledge, and helping organizations build an engineering culture. We are dedicated to driving innovation and shaping the future of technology, one solution at a time.

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Our Services

We help companies in their cloud journey on Azure, build modern, cloud-native software, and help companies become digital leaders by implementing DevOps, using GitHub and Azure DevOps, and changing the organization to use this efficiently. Next, we offer training to our customers and other professionals in the field. We already empowered more than 10,000 professionals through training on Microsoft Azure, GitHub, and application modernization by our certified trainers.  


We value our strong connections with our partners GitHub and Microsoft. We are the first GitHub Verified Partner in Europe and hold Microsoft Advanced Specializations for DevOps with GitHub and Kubernetes on Azure. Furthermore, we take pride in our status as a Microsoft Solution Partner in various designations, including Data & AI, Security, Infrastructure, and Digital & App Innovation.  


Microsoft Community

We are also a community company. Many of our employees are active Microsoft Community members who build and contribute to open source, use available platforms, and work with emerging technologies like data and AI. Sharing knowledge, whether locally or internationally, is also something we value a lot.  

The Heart of Our Organization

Meet Our Global Teams

We are proud of our teams, a mosaic of talents, perspectives, and cultures from around the world. Together, we are more than just a workforce; we are innovators, problem-solvers, and pioneers. Our global presence not only allows us to be closer to our customers but also enriches our company culture with a unique blend of local insights and international perspectives.

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Be Part of Something Bigger. Where Values and Knowledge Illuminate Our Path

We’re not just building a team; we’re cultivating a community where passion fuels purpose, and excellence is born from collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Why Choose Us?

  • A Hub of Knowledge: We pride ourselves on our rich culture of knowledge sharing. Here, learning is constant and ideas flow freely
  • Values at Our Core: Our actions are driven by strong values. We believe in making a positive impact, both in our industry and in the wider community
  • Leaders and Innovators: Join a team where your colleagues are leaders in the field — speakers, authors, and contributors to Microsoft and other communities. Your voice and ideas have the power to resonate globally
  • A Platform for Your Voice: Write the next chapter of your career with us. Share your insights through books, articles, blogs, and speaking engagements. Here, your knowledge not only enriches our team but also shapes the industry
  • More Than a Job: This isn’t just about a career; it’s about contributing to something that matters. We’re looking for individuals who are eager to drive change and make a lasting impact