Navigating Your Cloud Journey with Expertise

Managed Cloud Services

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Empower Your IT with Managed Services

In the digital era, every software product demands stability, security, and continuous management. Innovation isn’t just a perk; it’s essential. Yet, IT departments often find themselves swamped with daily tasks, leaving little room for these crucial aspects. This is where our Managed Services shine, offering expert cloud management to free your team for more strategic endeavors. 

Xebia Microsoft Services transforms managed services by embracing the ‘you build it, you run it’ philosophy. We’re not just another managed service provider; we’re a DevOps accelerator. Our approach offers more than 24/7 support – we empower your DevOps Team with insights into cost, security, compliance, and more. With our comprehensive solutions including Managed GitHub Enterprise Server, Azure DevOps, and a Managed DevStack, we ensure your teams have everything they need for success.

A Tailored Approach to Cloud Excellence

We partner with your team to establish a strong DevOps foundation, ensuring your infrastructure is resilient and highly available. Our expert Cloud Engineers take full ownership from development to cloud deployment, creating secure, tailored systems. Focus on innovation while we proactively monitor your system, offering strategic insights and guidance for operational excellence.

24/7 Support

Dependable assistance to ensure your cloud operations are always smooth and reliable

Expert Management

Our team takes on the responsibility of managing your cloud services and applications, reducing the risk of downtime and ensuring peak performance

Strategic Innovation

We focus on managing your cloud so you can concentrate on developing new features and driving innovation within your organization

Optimize Your Cloud Experience with Our Cloud Management Solutions

Struggling to manage your cloud on your own? You're not alone. Countless companies start by handling their cloud setup and maintenance in-house, only to realize they need more expertise. That's where we come in. Our experts can efficiently design your cloud environment for optimal access and security, avoiding common pitfalls of restrictive setups. Partnering with us for your cloud management needs is often more cost-effective than building an in-house team. Let us help you make the most of your cloud investment 

Cloud Management for Continuous Innovation

Experience peace of mind and freedom to innovate with our cloud services. We provide a stable, secure environment with 24/7 support, ensuring uninterrupted cloud operations. Our experts manage your services and applications, minimizing downtime and optimizing performance, allowing your IT team to focus on strategic business growth.

Building a Robust DevOps Culture

We collaborate to create a resilient infrastructure, emphasizing high availability and robustness.

Expertise in Action

Our Cloud Engineers are involved in every step – from development to deployment – ensuring a secure, well-architected system.

Proactive Monitoring

Continuous oversight of your systems allows you to dedicate your resources to operational excellence and innovation.

Cloud Control

Your Ultimate Azure Cost Management Solution

Access the power of expert FinOps principles to analyze, optimize, and continuously improve your Azure spending. Gain significant control, reduce risks of overspending, and achieve ongoing cost savings.

Whether you’re aiming for better budget management, deeper insights, team-specific cost allocation, or industry benchmarking, Cloud Control offers comprehensive solutions for all your cloud financial needs. Save more, understand better, and keep improving with Cloud Control.

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Mastering Your Azure Environment

As your cloud environment grows in complexity, the need for a safe, reliable, and cost-efficient system becomes paramount. Our Cloud Control service is designed to help you navigate this complexity with ease. We focus on lowering your Azure costs while offering proactive advice on improving your cloud infrastructure. Regular discussions and detailed invoicing provide you with clear insights and actionable strategies for optimization.

Cost Efficiency

We help reduce your Azure costs and provide proactive advice on cloud infrastructure improvements. 

Complexity Management

As your cloud environment evolves, we ensure it remains safe, reliable, and cost-effective. 

Monthly Insights

Regular meetings and detailed invoicing offer clear insights and opportunities for optimization. 

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Empowering Teams, Ensuring Security and Compliance

We manage security, compliance, and cloud developments, empowering your teams to focus on delivering business value. By adopting FinOps and GreenOps practices, we help you cut wasteful spending and invest only in essentials, bringing transparency and control over your cloud expenses for more effective resource allocation

  • Business Focus Enable your teams to concentrate on creating business value, while we handle security, compliance, and cloud updates
  • Optimization Leveraging FinOps and GreenOps practices, we help you avoid unnecessary expenses and pay only for what you need
  • Transparency and Control Our detailed invoicing and expert guidance provide clarity and control over your cloud expenditures

Master Cloud Cost Management with FinOps

Stop Overspending on Cloud: Finops Strategies for Microsoft Azure

FinOps provides solutions to manage and reduce cloud spending. Discover the essential eBook for 2024: “Master Cloud Cost Management with FinOps.” Learn why cloud expenses are skyrocketing and how to control them in this era of IT modernization. Don’t be caught off guard; optimize your cloud spending now!