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At Xebia Microsoft Services, we offer an extensive suite of Microsoft-centric training courses. Our expertise covers the full spectrum of Microsoft technologies, including Azure, GitHub, DevOps, and Scrum. In collaboration with Xebia Academy, our premier training facilitator, we extend these offerings to include a variety of subjects such as Data, Cloud, and Software Development, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience. 

The role of Xebia Academy in our educational ecosystem is of great value. They manage and facilitate all our training programs, leveraging their expertise and infrastructure to deliver high-quality, diverse training solutions that cater to the needs of both Xebia Microsoft Services and the wider technology domain. 

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Microsoft Training Offering

Choosing our services means tapping into the combined expertise of Xebia Microsoft Services and Xebia Academy. Our partnership is dedicated to delivering diverse, top-tier training that enables you to enhance your Microsoft skills and broaden your technological horizons.

Focused Microsoft Training

Dive into specialized courses designed to deepen your proficiency in Microsoft’s suite of technologies. 

Expanded Learning Opportunities

Gain access to broader subjects through Xebia Academy, including Data, Cloud, and Software Development. 

Sessions Led by Experts

Learn from certified professionals with extensive industry experience. 

Practical Learning Experience

Engage in training that combines theoretical knowledge with practical application for a meaningful impact. 

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Official Verfied GitHub Training Partner

As one of GitHub’s training partners, you can rest assured that you can find the right GitHub training courses here. And what’s even better, they are now GitHub-approved. Developers, Team Leads, DevOps and Automation Engineers worldwide, get GitHub certified with one of our virtual instructor-led courses. And get trained by the co-creators of the GitHub training curriculum.