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Today, thousands of companies are using technology to revolutionize their industry and gain a greater share of their respective markets. Xebia helps lead the way by implementing solutions built on Microsoft technology that encompass what is built, where it runs, and how it gets there. We also work with your teams to deliver state-of-the-art software that runs on cloud-scale infrastructures and is seamlessly managed and deployed from a single control plane.

Most of all, we create Engineering Cultures that deliver Software Technology, Data Solutions, and Azure Cloud infrastructures with a DevOps mindset. Xebia’s solutions and services are the driving force behind transforming your business, streamlining your operations and helping you secure a competitive edge. 

With over 1500 Microsoft professionals including 24 Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals and 5 Microsoft Regional Directors, Xebia has a wealth of expertise in Microsoft technology with a deep understanding of the technological ecosystem. We support you with expert services, training, and managed services in the Microsoft ecosystem as a trusted partner. We specialize in Software Technology, Cloud Infrastructures and Data & AI solutions on Microsoft Azure, with a DevOps mindset. 


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Your Trusted Microsoft Solutions Partner

We are a Microsoft Solutions Partner in four key designations: Data & AI, Digital App Innovation, Security, and Infrastructure. Our expertise is further recognized with advanced specializations in DevOps with GitHub on Microsoft Azure and Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure.

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Our Partnership is Your Competitive Edge

For over two decades, we have maintained and grown a solid strategic partnership with Microsoft. Our close ties enable us to access exclusive Microsoft and GitHub programs and resources. As our client, your company benefits from these resources to help you meet your most pressing challenges, facilitate growth, and capture a larger segment of your market as you become a technological leader in your industry.

Areas of Expertise

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Professional Services

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Customer story

BNG Bank Creates State-of-The-Art Platform for Interactive Services

Dutch bank optimizes application development and deployment process to serve customers faster, better and more efficiently while saving costs

Customer story

Quby Increases Scalability with Continuous Integration Platform

Dutch software developer reduces testing time and minimizes downtime by embracing a new way of working

Customer story

Risk-Averse Insurance Behemoth  Transforms into a Responsive, Nimble, and Innovative Organization

CZ, one of the Netherlands’  largest non-profit health insurers, optimizes costs and improves customer service by migrating to Azure Cloud

Customer story

European Payment Platform Proves Its Worth With Move to the Cloud

ICEPAY undergoes IT infrastructure renovation, replacing old servers and databases while moving to a scalable cloud platform

Customer story

Eneco Charges Forward with Innovative, Smart Cloud Architecture

Dutch energy group fosters innovation and sustainability through creation of eco-conscious applications and cloud migration

Customer story

Van Lanschot Uses Digital Transformation To Build Resilient, Future-Proof Operations

The oldest independent bank in the Netherlands, Van Lanschot, gets a full digital makeover, complete a new infrastructure-bolstering cloud platform

Customer story

Sustainable Energy Supplier Maintains Rapid Growth With Green IT

Early provider of sustainable energy in the Dutch market, Greenchoice professionalizes its IT department to deliver continuous value; builds a solid foundation for sustainable future growth

Customer story

Valk Solutions Boosts Delivery with VSTS

Retail automation specialist radically improves its delivery process utilizing Agile tools and cloud-native infrastructure

Customer story

TFS Release Management Eases Isah’s Testing Time

Business software specialist for the manufacturing industry reduces the time required for testing, greatly improving its workflow

Customer story

Top Human Resource Provider Migrates Infrastructure to the Cloud

Visma Raet gains transformational business benefits by migrating its workload to the cloud with no downtime

Customer story

RH Marine Dives into the Future with Innovative Overhaul

Leader in marine systems automation upgrades IT architecture for a faster, more integrated approach

Customer story

Saxo Bank Optimizes Services with Azure DevOps

Xebia guides the migration of BinckBank (part of Saxo Bank), to an Azure DevOps-based cloud solution without disrupting client services or the engineering team’s workflow.

Customer story

Cloud Platform Delivers Innovative Simulations for Kongsberg

Maritime simulator specialists brings its products to the cloud, maximizing remote engineering potential.

Customer story

Mosadex Uses Remote Work and DevOps to Bridge Gap Between Teams

Dutch pharmaceutical wholesaler streamlines workflow between internal units and external suppliers to improve product management.

Customer story

Leading Dutch Oral Care Software Provider Bites Into Modernizing Services

Vertimart leverages Microsoft Azure to achieve its company mission: putting a smile on every patient’s face

Customer story

Backbase Accelerates and Matures Banking as a Service Platform With Move From AWS to Azure

The platform is fast, mature, and ready for growth

Customer story

Making Maritime Marvels Available on a Global Scale

For the past eight years, Xebia has been part of Kongsberg’s journey to the cloud.

Customer story

Wigo4it Transformed Into a Full-Focus SAAS Company

Switched off data center and realized a 50% cost savings through DevOps and automation

Customer story

Elevating User Experience for Thriving Dutch Data Startup

Established DevOps and enhanced the software development lifecycle

Customer story

Boels Builds an Advanced Customer Portal for Enhanced User Experience

Boels, the rental equipment giant, transformed their customer portal and improved website performance metrics fivefold by embracing Entra ID for Customers (formerly Azure AD B2C) with Xebia's help. 

Customer story

Driving Organizational Change: A Sustainable Revolution Unleashed

Dutch driver of sustainability, homeQgo, teamed up with Xebia to modernize online platform that connects homeowners and solution partners.

Customer story

Renewable Energy Leader Sets Benchmark for Innovation and Efficiency

VSB partnered with Xebia to develop its VSB Cloud project, designed to redefine project development in the energy sector with AI, automation, and data-driven insights.

Customer story

Xebia's Microsoft Azure Landing Zone: Planting The Seed For An Innovative Future

Enza Zaden enters a long-term partnership with Xebia, leveraging its Microsoft Azure Landing Zone as the foundation for accelerating value delivery and driving innovation.

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Our 3 Stage Approach

Integrating New Technology and Methods

We apply a three-stage approach to ensure the successful integration of new technology and ways of working.

Assess and Prepare

The first stage is about understanding: where you stand, and where you want to be. We explore the “as is” by mapping your company’s current state by assessing your company’s skills, maturity level, and/or technology landscape. We capture vision and ambition and create a concrete roadmap to connect your reality to those ambitions.  

Implement and Adopt

The second stage is all about enablement, at the organization, team, and individual levels. We implement new technologies, introduce new ways of working and support you through the changes. We also execute the aspects of the roadmap we co-create together, training teams and individuals to set you up for success 

Manage and Improve

Long-term support from Xebia experts helps cement the changes in your organization, and ensures your technology remains optimized and secure. We let you focus on your core business while we handle the complexities of the implemented solutions, enabling you to innovate without worries. 

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Why Xebia

Our defining characteristic is our willingness and ability to enable your organization. We can either completely unburden you from your IT worries by providing end-to-end services for your application, infrastructure, and development platform concerns, or enable your development and operations teams to helm these solutions and become drivers for success. We will help you decide the best way forward, considering your entire situation.

  • Microsoft Solution Partner: Recognized experts in Data and AI, Security Infrastructure, and Digital and App Innovation, and more. 
  • Microsoft Cloud Service Partner: providing cost control offering and managed services through DevOps.    
  • Accelerating Innovation: Actively engaged in Microsoft’s Accelerator Programs. 
  • Global GitHub Verified Partner reflecting our commitment to excellence and leveraging cutting-edge tools and platforms. 
  • Exceptional Talent: 24 Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) and 5 Microsoft Regional Directors with a wealth of expertise. 
  • GitHub Advanced Specializations and Proficiency in Kubernetes and DevOps. 
  • ISO 27001 Certified: Your data security is paramount.