GoDataDriven open source contribution: July 2017 edition

31 Jul, 2017
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Welcome to the Open Source at GoDataDriven, July 2017 edition!

If you followed us from the start, you probably noticed that, at the very beginning, Fokko was an
extremely prolific contributor. He then started to decrease his activity.

Was he tired? Bored? Did he simply lost all faith on the open source cause?

No, not Fokko you might have thought. Not him. Not today.

Well, if that’s what you thought, you were right. Fokko was working on something bigger!

In collaboration with ING he developed Scruid! Scruid is a library that allows you to compose
Druid queries in Scala (hence the name), parsing the result back into typesafe classes.

The project is still under heavy development: they just merged PR 1 by Kris to add time stamp
information to groupbyquery results.

But Fokko didn’t stop here, so he made the world a better place by fixing the segment interval for
pulling metadata from Superset with PR 3174, and updated build.sbt for sbt-bintray with PR 122.

And, of course, he added Scruid to Druid libraries page with PR 401.

Also Kris didn’t stop with Scruid: he created Docker containers to run Divolte, our own
Divolte with Kafka.

Speaking of Divolte, its main developer, Andrew found a bug causing a deadlock in Airflow
SparkSubmitHook operator which he promptly fixed with PR 2438.

One last thing before closing. A couple of days ago James Snell, Node TSC Director, tweeted

If you also want to work for a company contributing to open source, know that we’re hiring!


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