GoDataDriven open source contribution: June 2017 edition

30 Jun, 2017
Xebia Background Header Wave

Welcome to the Open Source at GoDataDriven, June 2017 edition! This edition is mostly about people
doing things for the first time:

  • Bas wrote his first line of Go code with Prometheus PR 2853
  • Robert edited a pom.xml by hand for the first time, and that resulted in PR 6 for
  • Rodrigo decided to enter the party of open source contributions, and went on a PR spree
    contributing to our own project to provision a cloud training environment. He opened PRs 1,
    2, 3, 4, and 5. Prompted by that I opened the sixth one!
  • Not happy just contributing to our own project, yours truly also committed PR 121 for hdfs3;
  • Fokko could not keep himself from giving back to the community, so he contributed PR 4423 to
    Druid and PR 4072 to Flink;
  • Last but not least, Niels contributed PR 1926 and 1934 to NiFi.

Next month the holiday period will begin, so we might contribute less (or more! You never know).
Myself, personally, I will be on the go most of the time, as my newborn will have to spend an
indefinite amount of time at the hospital. I will use a laptop mostly as it was originally
intended, on my lap (or, as in the picture, on a small table)!


That’s it for this edition! I shouldn’t even have to say it, but we’re hiring!


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