GoDataDriven open source contribution: August 2017 edition

08 Sep, 2017
Xebia Background Header Wave

Welcome to the Open Source at GoDataDriven, August 2017 edition! We’re kind of late this month due to summer holidays.

Jonatan did a terrific job closing issue 9612 from [scikit] with PR 9635. It is a pretty epic
PR, so be sure to check it out.

Niels is determined to make Airflow a better piece of software1 so he contributed PR 2526,
2532, and 2564.

Fokko, on the other hand, is contributing to another project, besides Airflow, that Airbnb
donated to the Apache Software foundation (ASF): Superset! He got PR 3252 and 3266 merged!

Kris started something new: a Custom Gatling Feeder for
connecting to a Druid cluster to get info. Exhausted from all the hard work,
he ran out of fantasy when it came to naming it so it’s just
gatling-druid-feeder on Github.

Last but not least, Ron contributed to Neo4j, adding procedures to fuzzy
match text with PR 465.

That’s it for this edition! As always we’re hiring, so be sure to check out our careers page.

  1. We can’t blame him. 

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