Agile Transformations

Digital or Agile transformations are essential in changing your company into a true innovative organization. An Agile organization is not just about working in an Agile way or culture, although these elements are essential. Agile Transformation is about changing your processes, quality and improving your business results. Xebia delivers Agile coaching and training so organizations can accelerate their Agile Transformation.

Agile Transformations

When teams are running in an Agile way the real challenge begins. Upscaling the Agile way of working throughout the rest of your business units and connecting with management and other stakeholders is essential for a total Agile Transformation in your business and IT.

It all begins with bringing the power to your teams. Amp up your Agile teams and foster a true quality mindset where everyone contributes to delivering the best software possible. We train and coach your teams in mindset, process and techniques to challenge the status quo. Continuously. Allow your complete Agile teams to fail, adapt, and learn to deliver the best possible software instantly.

Product Owners or Managers will experience that they are in a responsible but difficult situation. Moving teams forward, validating the product development and reporting to the stakeholders is a challenge. Thrue modular education like Certified Scrum Product Owner training, we provide continuous coaching and empowerment.

  • Your Scrum Team is up and running. But are you facing challenges with upscaling within your organization?
  • Is your Backlog filling up due to demands from your Stakeholders?

  • Are you sure your product development team is testing and working on products which are based on Customer Demand?
  • You are the Product Owner. Are you up to the demanding task of all the challenges mentioned above?


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