Agile Software Security

Security in the fast lane

The fast deployment of products and services is key to running a successful business. For innovation to flourish, security needs to be covered instantly and continuously. Today, the critical and aware customer plus the growing legislation put security high on the agenda. Xebia Security offers security services to the top companies in the Netherlands that accelerate and innovate by using modern software development methods.

Agile Software Security


Every new innovation creates a Pandora’s Box Moment. Without the proper security and privacy set in place, the door opens to security breaches and serious vulnerabilities. Cybercrime can seriously impact your brand and revenue. Because above all, customers want to be able to trust the companies to whom they give their personal details, history and preferences.

While companies are hungry to adopt new technology to differentiate and grow their businesses, the security part can fall behind. This creates an Achilles’ heel, a weakness in spite of strength, which can lead to downfall. This is why every step forwards, needs security side by side. We encourage companies to see security not as an expense, but as a crucial insurance that enables innovation.

Xebia Security

We focus on the top companies that use Agile, DevOps, CI or CD to develop cutting edge software and applications, mostly in the Netherlands. We help to integrate security in the company culture and modern software development processes. Often a change in mindset is required. Besides a ‘will this work’ perspective, ‘what could possibly go wrong’ is essential to mitigate security risks. We also offer training in secure development practices such as threat modelling, (mobile) application penetration testing, security test automation, secure coding and code analysis. Our aim is quality without compromise.

We provide the following benefits:

  • Faster time to market in comparison with traditional security methods;
  • Easy adoption and monetization of new technologies;
  • Significant lowering of security costs;
  • Safeguarding the compliance for relevant laws and regulations;
  • Build the image of being a trustworthy partner and supplier.


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