Security Training: Secure Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Foundation

Become a Security Champion!

Become a security hero!

Do you want to enhance the security of your software? Do you want to wait less for that security test and spend less time on security incidents? Then this training is for you! This security training helps you to create a better Software Development Lifecycle by teaching you all the best practices you need. Whether you have already started integrating security in your SDLC, or just getting started: we can help you to the next level. After the training, we will have an evaluation planned with you to see how you were able to apply the skills learned in the training to make you even more effective.

This training is perfect for

Anybody that takes security serious within their team: whether you are a developer, SRE, ops engineer, scrum-master, security engineer, or penetration tester. This training can help you and your team to grow to the next level. If you are one of the designated security champions within your company, then this training can help you to broaden your scope and deepen your skills. The only pre-requisite is that you have a basic understanding of your own current development, and release processes.

What will you learn during the Become a Security Champion training? 

The training comprises the full Software Development Lifecycle: which steps do you have to take to secure your software? How do you integrate that into your processes? We start with an overview of the various frameworks and components on which you can base your SDLC. Then we will take a dive in each phase of the process: what do you have to do to make secure software in an agile way? What are the best practices to create secure software?

After this training you will be able to:

  • Tailor the software development process to your needs
  • Create more secure software without complicated overhead
  • Take on threat modeling
  • Prioritize your security activities
  • Do security analysis of your stack


  • Overview of the SDLC: activities & components
  • Requirements & Design phase
  • From Implementation to Release
  • Operations Phase
  • Pipeline Security


Upon completion of this training you do get a certificate of attendance. This certificate can be used to claim CPE points for various security certifications. 

Learning Journey

The Secure Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Foundation is a perfect starting course on your security journey, from there onward there are various courses that can help you to grow further:

To increase the effectiveness of the training, Xebia recommends security stakeholders to follow the training “DevOps for Security Officers”.


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