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Tackle today's digital skills gap by professionally upskilling your workforce!

Modern-day technologies are rapidly changing and accelerating today’s markets and industries. The digital transformation is here to stay and is requiring you to up-and reskill your workforce. Investment is needed in data, cloud, engineering, and product professionals. With a scarce talent market, we see the skills gap widening constantly.

The only solution: retraining and upskilling your present workforce. In other words: in-house development of the most valuable tech skills and leadership talents, for better team collaboration and sustained, future growth in a constantly digitalizing environment.

Xebia assists in this crucial skills-building process. We offer comprehensive, well-scaled learning journeys for beginners, professionals, and experts in the fields of IT, Agile/Scrum, Data and AI, Product Management, DevOps and Cloud. Together we will close the skills gap, as organizations investing in innovative technologies definitely need the expertise to match!


Training Domains

Xebia Academy – an inspirational place for professionals to learn and expand skills. We offer high-end learning programs in the form of in-company, online, and classroom training for operations, IT, and everything in-between. All programs are taught by certified trainers, innovation leaders, and seasoned consultants.

Xebia Academy Services

  • Topics: Agile and Scrum, Product Management, DevOps, Data and AI, Cloud, Software Engineering, and Security
  • Methods:  On-demand, online, challenge-based, and classroom training: choose the type of training that suits you best!
  • Levels: Foundation courses get you acquainted with a topic. Professional courses deepen your knowledge. Expert courses offer a deep dive into the subject matter
  • Programs: Single training courses, persona- or role-based learning journeys, and reskill or upskill programs for organizations and individuals
  • Partnerships: Scrum.org, Scrum Alliance, Scrum Inc., LeSS, DASA, Scaled Agile, GCP, AWS, Alibaba Cloud, Microsoft, Kanban, Docker, Xamarin, and Cypress.io
  • Get certified: Many of our training courses prepare you for an exam and certificate. Taking the certification exam is usually included in the price
  • Gamification: Our “learning by doing” platform offers bite-sized challenges and gamification to accelerate learning and make it fun!

Why Xebia

  • Driven by our 4 values; People First, Sharing Knowledge, Quality without Comprise, and Customer Intimacy
  • We have formed partnerships with industry leaders like Microsoft, Google, AWS, and Docker.
  • Our trainers are ready to walk the talk. They are consultants, authors, well-known speakers, trailblazers, pioneers, and even the creators of Agile practices like LeSS and Scrum.
  • If you train with us, we take care of everything for you down to the last detail: from keeping paperwork simple to serving you a tasty lunch!
  • We want to know what you really gained from the training and how we can continuously improve. That is why we measure the effectiveness of the training after three and six months.

“To beat your competition you need to learn faster than they do. Upskilling your workforce should become priority number one.”

Juriaan Bernson Director Xebia Academy Europe