Cloud Trends Shaping 2023  Trend 3. Containerization

15 Aug, 2023
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Cloud computing has become the backbone of digital transformation. Cloud enables organizations to scale operations, improve efficiency and drive innovation. And now that we are halfway through 2023, the technology just keeps evolving, bringing forth 5 key trends that will continue to shape the digital landscape.

Trend 3 highlights the rapid adoption of containerization, which is revolutionizing application deployment and management in the cloud. Containers offer benefits like faster deployment, better resource utilization, isolation, portability, flexibility, scalability, and control across the application lifecycle. Kubernetes, a container orchestration platform, is expected to gain further popularity for managing and scaling containerized applications.

However, the skill set required for managing Kubernetes can be a significant hurdle for many companies. To leverage the advantages of containerization without the complexities of infrastructure management, companies need to invest in acquiring containerization skills.


Trend 3: Containerization

“Streamlining Applications” 

Containerization is rapidly changing how applications are deployed and managed and will further transform the cloud landscape.  

In short, containers package applications and their dependencies into isolated environments, allowing faster deployment and better resource utilization. Or, as Microsoft says, “They provide the benefits of isolation, portability, flexibility, scalability, and control across the application lifecycle. However, the most important benefit of containerization is the isolation between the Dev and Ops environments.” (6)   

In the near future, we expect container orchestration platforms like Kubernetes to gain further traction because of how easy they make managing and scaling containerized applications. But, for that to happen, we need to overcome one significant hurdle: managing Kubernetes requires a skill set that many companies do not have.   

Does taking advantage of simplified software updates and rollbacks, increased security through isolation, and easier migration between different computing environments sound amazing? Do you want to reap the benefits of containerization without the complexity of managing the underlying infrastructure, but are you missing the resources?  


Gain the skills to start building a container empire!  

Xebia | Xpirit offers comprehensive Kubernetes training at every level or a team of experts who will come on-site and train your workforce on the job. Give us a call!


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