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The video episodes of "Binx Cloud News" Luca Cavallin and Jacco Kulman have been creating will continue under a new name: "Club Cloud Stories".

We wanted to do more then just the "Cloud News" and also start doing demos, interviews and other stuff during our sessions. Also we think that increasing the frequency of the content releases could help create a larger crowd. So we started looking for a new name that would cover our new plans.

The chosen name comes from the free "Club Cloud Conference" event on 1-5 november 2021 organized by Xebia.

The idea is to record 4 videos in one session every month and release them approximately one week apart.

In the first episode of Club Cloud Stories, hosts Luca Cavallin and Jacco Kulman welcome two guests: Antoni Tsavelas and Mark van Holsteijn. They discuss a special reaper package to stop dangling packer builder virtual machines from eating into your cloud spend.

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Jacco Kulman
Jacco is a Cloud Consultant at Binx.io. As an experienced development team lead he coded for the banking- and hospitality- and media-industries. He is a big fan of serverless architectures. In his free time he reads science fiction, contributes to open source projects and enjoys being a life-long-learner.

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