Cloud Trends Shaping 2023  Trend 5. App Modernization

06 Sep, 2023
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Cloud computing has become the backbone of digital transformation. Cloud enables organizations to scale operations, improve efficiency and drive innovation. And now that we are halfway through 2023, the technology just keeps evolving, bringing forth 5 key trends that will continue to shape the digital landscape.

Trend 5 highlights App Modernization as a key focus for delivering seamless user experiences. Legacy applications are being transformed to leverage modern cloud technologies, improving security, reliability, compatibility, scalability, and functionality. Six strategies, the ‘6 Rs’, are commonly followed: rehost, refactor, revise, rebuild, replace, or retain applications based on their suitability.

Technologies like cloud-native development frameworks, serverless computing, Function as a Service (FaaS), microservices architectures, and containerization drive this trend. To fully benefit from these technologies, organizations need to adopt new ways of working and structuring code.

Trend 5: App Modernization 

“Enhancing User Experiences” 

This year, app modernization is a major area of interest for those looking to deliver seamless user experiences.  

We expect more and more legacy applications to be transformed to leverage modern cloud technologies, accelerate time-to-market, improve security, reliability, and compatibility, and benefit from enhanced scalability and functionality.  

Modernizing applications follows six strategies, commonly called the ‘6 Rs’: rehost (‘lift and shift’), refactor (modify the application at code level to optimize it for the cloud), revise (make substantial changes to the app), rebuild (rewrite from scratch, but keep the core), replace with a completely new app, or retain the app as-is if it’s stable, cost-effective, and meets current business requirements.    

Technologies propelling this trend include:  

  • Cloud-native development frameworks and platforms empower organizations to build and deploy applications that fully leverage the benefits of the cloud.  
  • Serverless computing and Function as a Service (FaaS) models allow companies to focus on application logic without managing infrastructure, leading to faster development cycles and better time to market.  
  • Microservices architectures and containerization let organizations break down monolithic applications into smaller, independently deployable services. This modular approach improves scalability and resilience and facilitates continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) practices.  

Is your application in need of some Tender, Love and Care? To fully benefit from the technologies and strategies mentioned above, they need to go hand in hand with a new way of working and structuring code.

Would you like us to join you on your journey to the future?  

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