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OKR Game Night

Sign up for this free OKR Game Night meet-up! Get ready for a fast-paced, dynamic, interactive, and energetic evening. Bring together OKR theory, real-life examples, and your own insights into concrete action items you can work on with your team the next day.

An OKR introduction

Chances are you’ve heard the term “OKR” pass by at least once. Perhaps in combination with OGSM, KPI, or some other three-to four-letter acronym you can read in more and more business strategies these days.

You may even know that it stands for Objectives & Key Results and that it’s a method for translating organizational goals (Objectives) into measurable results (Key Results).

Then you may also be thinking: wait a minute, hasn’t this been part of SAFe for years? Yes, it has. Scaled Agile, the organization behind SAFe, has even given OKRs a prominent place in the SAFe 6.0 framework. That’s why we see that the OKR method is on the rise!

As the OKR methodology is increasingly embraced at the organizational level, OKRs are playing an increasingly impactful role, even outside boardrooms. So, when it comes to shared goals and translating organizational goals into team goals, OKRs have quite an impact on everyone who facilitates, guides, and manages (Agile) teams.

Yet, we do observe there’s a lack of knowledge among Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, and even Product Owners. They have enough knowledge about their own role but are also faced with a plethora of tools and agile capabilities, requiring them to be versed in multiple areas.

That’s why, together with our OKR partner Th[is] Performance, we are offering a free meet-up that will introduce you to OKRs in an interactive and playful manner.

Agile Showdown - SAFe vs. Regular Scrum

For whom is the OKR Game Night?

This free meet-up is for anyone already working with OKRs or planning to start using OKRs in their team or organization. In addition, we encourage anyone working with SAFe to know and apply OKRs well, but other roles within agile working will also benefit from OKRs. Think about Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Release Train Engineers (RTEs), and other agile practitioners.


Sign up for this OKR Game Night! Renzo Zitman, Sjoerd Nijland, and Marco van Damme will take you through an evening that promises to be fast-paced, dynamic, interactive, and energetic!

The session will last 1.5 hours and will bring together OKR theory, OKR examples, and your own insights into concrete action points that you can work on with your team the next day. This meet-up will be held in Dutch. However, if there are enough English-speaking participants, the program will be in Dutch.

What will you learn?

Get ready to start using OKRs and learn more about these topics.


OKRs and connecting it to your current work methodologies – such as SAFe, Scrum, and project management – is that easy to do?


OKRs and alignment in your organization, how can you make bottom-up engagement and top-down guidance work for you?


OKR is a superpower, not a silver bullet!


OKR Components, what do you want to achieve?


OKR Crafting, get started immediately!


OKRs vs. KPIs, how do they reinforce each other and where do they differ?

Why should you attend?

A ‘gezellige’ and playful night for networking

Acquire new skills while meeting new people and having dinner together.

The best opportunity to have all your OKR questions answered, finally

Ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask. Learn best practices from others on how to implement them in your organization.

An OKR certification to shine on LinkedIn

All OKR Game Night participants will receive access to the Netherlands-focused OKR Foundation in OKR Institute’s e-learning environment.

Bonus Certification

And that’s not all! All attendees at the meet-up will receive access to the Dutch-language OKR Foundations in the OKRInstitute® e-learning environment. If you have completed the OKR Foundations with positive results, you will receive a certificate that you can immediately add on LinkedIn as a new skill. Shine bright like a diamond!

For us, that would be a wonderful result and a great first step in your OKR learning journey. If you are serious about working with the materials and accompanying videos, consider a time investment of about 2 hours. But you can, of course, also get started right away with the practical knowledge you have gained!

OKR Practitioner Certificate


Renzo Zitman

Meet Renzo Zitman. He is an experienced change manager who has initiated and led major transitions for over 15 years at large corporate and scale-up organizations in various industries. Renzo is a dedicated motivator and problem solver in optimizing processes and achieving results. As an initiator, he inspires and guides individuals and teams to their best potential.

Renzo is a systems thinker. He continues to expand his years of practical experience while gaining academic knowledge in his field.

Sjoerd Nijland

Meet Sjoerd Nijland, founder of Serious Scrum and Road to Mastery. Sjoerd is a distinguished Scrum Master and author of The Scrum Master Playbook.

Having led and coached many digital implementations for various brands, Sjoerd has achieved several acclaimed milestones, including Webby Awards nomination, Innovation Award (Transport), Red Dot Awards, including Best of the Best in both E-Commerce and Retail, and Winner of the 2016 Hackathon: Artificial Intelligence.

Marco van Damme

Meet Marco van Damme. He has an energetic and inspiring personality. With a background in Financial Management, Restructuring, Business Consultancy, and Process Implementation, Marco has gained valuable experience in the business world that he likes to share with interested people and parties.

His experiences as a DISC trainer, football coach, and field hockey coach make his training lively and filled with practical examples. Marco, therefore, stands for a win-win strategy.


The workshop is offered in collaboration with our partner Th[is] Performance. They enable Agile Professionals to operate more powerfully by sharing knowledge and experience in OKR. This is in line with their mission: to help build sustainable organizational cultures and find the balance between personal goals and what the organization wants to achieve.

By obtaining the Gold Partnership from OKRInstitute®, This is performance has ensured that the accredited OKR learning course is also available in the Benelux. Together with Th[is] Performance, Xebia has improved the materials for the OKR learning course in the Benelux in 2023 so that they are even better suited to the Dutch market.