The Phoenix Project Business edition - een DevOps Stimulatie Game

The business edition of The Phoenix Project is a compact version and focuses on management and business. The emphasis in the business edition is on knowledge sharing and experiencing.

Discover The Phoenix Project Business edition

Modern organizations have embraced DevOps as an essential survival skill and key to success. The Phoenix Project is a serious business simulation for experiencing the essence of DevOps and applying it in practice. It is an excellent tool for experiencing what DevOps is in a short time and is, therefore, the perfect start for every DevOps trajectory.

The game lasts half a day with a maximum of 5 participants and can be played in-company or at one of the training locations of Xebia in Amsterdam or Hilversum. It can be facilitated in Dutch (with game material in English) or entirely in English.

The set-up

Imagine, your company is in deep trouble. Sales are disappointing, and the stock price is diving. But there is hope: a comprehensive plan called "The Phoenix Project" could save the company and even give it a competitive edge.

Are you up for the challenge of making the Phoenix Project success with your team and saving your company from ruin? To succeed, your organization must fulfil all the different DevOps roles - development, testing, operations, business, and management - and learn to work effectively together.

The game is an excellent way to learn and experience DevOps in a safe and fun environment; the fast iterations in the game provide a quantity of "continuous improvement" that would otherwise take months.

Discover new solutions for faster delivery of more reliable software and learn to work together more effectively throughout the value chain. You gain knowledge and skills that can be applied immediately in practice the next day.

Is The Phoenix Project Game Business edition for us? 

  • Yes - if you are a management team that wants to experience what impact DevOps can have on your organization
  • Yes - if you work in the business and want to know what value DevOps can offer
  • Yes - if your team wants to enter DevOps
  • Yes - if your Agile team is eager to learn more

What do we achieve with participation in this game?

You will learn:

  • The right culture and mindset for DevOps
  • Product Ownership
  • Single piece flow
  • A "stop the line" mentality
  • The difference between planned and unplanned work
  • Limiting work in progress
  • Working in progress limits
  • Value of team autonomy

You will gain hands-on experience with:

  • The value of experimentation
  • Applying DevOps in practice
  • Creating "flow" in your work
  • Working together effectively
  • Improve continuously
  • Maximize business value

You will develop skills in:

  • Applying visual management
  • Applying Agile planning methods

What else do I need to know?

The game design was inspired by the book The Phoenix Project, without correctly following the story. Reading the book is not a requirement, but it does not spoil the game.

Travel & accommodation expenses are not included.


Before the game, we hold a preparation meeting to coordinate your specific goals and priorities with the right emphasis in the game.

No development, management, or programming skills are required.


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