Microsoft Cloud training: Certified Microsoft Azure Administrator + AZ-104 certificate

Cloud computing is everywhere in IT; today's digital economy now runs entirely on cloud technology. Many organizations have already partially or even fully migrated to a cloud platform like Microsoft Azure. You know all about it, because as a (future) cloud administrator you will manage the Azure cloud platform for your organization. Have you reached the point where you want to develop yourself as an Administrator into a genuine Azure Cloud Professional? Then this training is for you!

Manage Microsoft Azure like a pro!

As Microsoft Azure Administrator you are responsible for the cloud environment of your organization. You make sure that the implementation and scaling of services, applications, resources, VMs, data storage and backup are managed in the right way, but also security, identity control, provisioning and monitoring are among your core tasks.

With this Azure Administrator training course you will kick-start your learning journey! You will be thoroughly prepared for the Certified Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate (AZ-104) exam and will gain in-depth, all-encompassing knowledge of adequately managing Azure cloud environments. After this training you will manage Azure like a pro!

This Azure Administrator training is perfect for

Do you want to know how to manage your cloud environment even more efficiently and professionally? Then this training is just ideal for you! The course is aimed at IT professionals (Administrators) who are responsible for the development, implementation, security, storage, computing and management of a cloud environment. A Certified Microsoft Azure Administrator certification is a guaranteed career boost!

Prerequisite for this course is that you have successfully completed the Certified Microsoft Azure Fundamentals training (AZ-900), so you are familiar with the basics and core concepts of Azure.

The training dates

The training is split in 2 x 2 days with a week in between.
Therefore the startdate in May in Hilversum will include the following dates: May 8, 9, 15 & 16 - 2023.

What will you learn during the training?

You will learn how to...

  • Configure virtual networks and set up & scale VMs
  • Provide connectivity and data sharing between Azure and on-premises sites
  • Deploy and scale Web apps, containers and storage solutions
  • Improve provisioning, monitoring and customization of resources
  • Manage infrastructure, network traffic and subscriptions
  • Optimally secure identities and facilitate role-based access (RBAC)
  • Monitor and back-up your cloud environment as well as all applications and solutions it contains

Program (11 modules)

This 4-day course covers 11 modules. Each module contains a theoretical part and one or more practical lab sessions, in which you will gain hands-on experience regarding the implementation and configuration of the various Azure management components.

1. Identity

The program starts with the basics: implementing and managing users and groups and securing identities with Azure Active Directory.

2. Governance & Compliance

In this module, you will not only learn how to manage your subscriptions and accounts, but also how to implement Azure policies and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for access management.

3. Azure Administration

This module covers everything an Azure Administrator needs to know about the tools for managing the infrastructure: Azure Portal, Cloud Shell, Azure PowerShell, CLI and Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Templates.

4. Virtual Networking

In Module 4, we will discuss the basic concepts for virtual networks, such as subnetting, IP addressing, network security groups, Azure DNS, and Azure Firewall.

5. Intersite Connectivity

In this section we will teach you all about intersite connectivity features such as VNet Peering, VPN Gateway connections, ExpressRoute, Virtual WAN and (hybrid) Site-to-Site connections.

6. Network Traffic Management

This module covers network traffic strategies: routing and service endpoints, Azure Load Balancer, and Azure Application Gateway.

7. Azure Storage

After configuring connectivity and network traffic, we will discuss storage: in this module we will not only discuss the basic storage features, but we will also go into detail about storage accounts, blob storage, Azure files & File Sync, storage security and the various storage tools.

8. Azure Virtual Machines

After this module you will be able to create and deploy VMs in Azure. You will learn to configure the availability of VMs (including Scale Sets) and know what VM extensions are.

9. PAAS Computing

Here we show you how to deploy and manage Azure Serverless Computing features, such as Azure App Service and Service Plans, Azure Container Instances and Kubernetes.

10. Data Protection

During this module we will focus on creating backups of files, folders and VMs, so that you can restore files and instances yourself at a later stage.

11. Monitoring

The last module concentrates on gaining hands-on experience with monitoring your Azure infrastructure with Log Analytics, Azure Alerts, Azure Monitor and Network Watcher.

Yes, I want to become a professional Azure Administrator!

Then this training is perfect for you. After registering you will receive a confirmation email with all practical information. We look forward to seeing your registration!

Prerequisites for attending this training:

  • Completed training AZ-900 Certified Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
  • General knowledge of or experience with:
    - On-premises virtualization technologies (VMs, virtual networking etc.)
    - Network configurations (TCP/IP, DNS, VPN's, Firewalls and encryption)
    - Active Directory concepts (users, groups, role-based access)
    - Resilience, Disaster Recovery and Storage (incl. backup en recovery operations)

Necessary equipment:

For this training you need to bring your own laptop. It must meet the following requirements:

  • Most recent version of Visual Studio installed
  • Provided with an Azure Trial subscription

What else should I know?

  • Taking the AZ-104 exam (once) is included in the price of the training. If you pass, you will receive the Microsoft certificate (Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate).
  • Also included: all study materials and each course day a delicious lunch!
  • The training is given in English. If desired, we can give this course in Dutch, in the form of in-company training.
  • Travel and accommodation costs are at your own expense.

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