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AWS Developer - Virtual

2-day workshop. Learn to work with Amazon Web Services. We'll share architecture examples, offer labs and hands-on experience with many AWS services.

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Get started with Amazon Web Services!

Over the last years, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has become one of the leaders in the field of Cloud Technology, as well as a reliable partner for Cloud migrations or Greenfield Application Development. In this 2-day workshop you will gain practical experience with the most important AWS services. Including architectural examples and intuitive labs to help you become familiar with the AWS toolkit. 

This AWS Developer training is perfect for

Are you a Developer and do you want to implement your Cloud solution in AWS? Do you want to learn this by doing it yourself? Then this training is perfect for you. Prior AWS knowledge is not required to follow this workshop. It is important that you have experience with Python, JavaScript (NodeJS), Go or similar programming language. Plus insight in DNS, HTTP and (RESTful) APIs.

What will you learn during this AWS Developer training?

We start the workshop with the history and roadmap of AWS. We also take a broader look at the principles of Cloud-native development and various Cloud user-cases. Once we have built this foundation, we'll get to work! After these two days you will be able to start new fully Cloud-native projects in AWS.


You will learn how to:

  • Deploy stacks using the AWS Management Console, the CLI and CloudFormation
  • Provision EC2 instances in your own VPC behind a load balancer
  • Store data in S3, RDS and ElasticSearch
  • Develop serverless applications using API Gateway, Lambda and DynamoDB
  • Launch your own containerized applications using ECS and Kubernetes
  • Decouple applications using AWS messaging solutions
  • (Optional) Build data-driven applications using AWS Machine Learning (AWS ML) / AWS AI API’s
  • (Optional) Ramp up development speed using AWS Amplify / AWS AppSync

Cloud Technology Trainers

This Cloud Technology training is brought to you by our trainingspartner develops Cloud Based Solutions, trains and coaches teams, and provides Managed Cloud Services. Your trainer is a real Cloud guru who enjoys sharing his or her experiences to help you work with the latest tools. 

AWS Certification

This AWS Developer training does not officially prepare you for the AWS Certified Developer Certification. To obtain the AWS Developer exams, additional studies are required.

AWS Learning Journey

This AWS training is on Professional level and specially developed for Developers. Do you want to explore whether working with Cloud services such as AWS is the best solution for your business? Then take part in our Public Cloud Foundation training. Do you already have a lot of experience with AWS and are you ready for the next step? Then our AWS Champion training is probably exactly what you are looking for!

Yes, I want to become an AWS Developer

After registering for this training, you will receive a confirmation email with practical information. A week before the training we will ask you about any dietary requirements. See you soon!

What else should I know?

  • Bring your own laptop with: Python 3, AWS, CLI and Docker installed, an AWS account with Free Tier eligibility and your favorite IDE / editor.  
  • This training is taught by our trainingspartner
  • Travel & accommodation expenses are not included
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