Software Engineering: Akka Foundation training

Learn how to build next-generation, event-driven, highly-scalable and fault-tolerant applications with Akka and Akka HTTP using the Scala programming language. Co-created by Raymond Roestenburg, author of the book Akka in Action, this immersive, hands-on training gives you the skills and knowledge to write high-performing, asynchronous and non-blocking web applications that reflect the characteristics of modern reactive systems.

Over the course of two-days, you'll build a sample application, step-by-step, then expose the Actor-based application to the web using Akka HTTP. You'll learn the most important Scala features used in these frameworks, best practices, and advanced possibilities, with a strong emphasis on testing.

"Good and useful. Hands-on really helped to understand concepts." - Infosys

Is the Akka Foundation training course right for me?

  • Yes - if you are a mid-level/senior developer or hands-on architect
  • Yes - if you want to learn how to build web-based reactive applications using Akka and Akka HTTP
  • Yes - if you have basis knowledge of Scala

What will I achieve by completing this training course? 

You will learn:

  • The architectural foundation used to build reactive systems¬†
  • The principles of Actor-based concurrency
  • What the core building blocks Akka and Akka HTTP offer
  • The most important advanced Scala features used in Akka and Akka HTTP

You will gain hands-on experience in:

  • Using the core features Akka offers: Actor Basics, Testing Actors, Resilience, Configuration, Extensions, Scheduling, Event Stream, Logging, State Machines
  • Writing REST APIs and web frontends with Akka HTTP by mastering: Akka HTTP Routing DSL, Testing Routes, Directives, Marshalling/Unmarshalling, Integration with Akka
  • Applying the advanced Scala features applied in Akka and Akka HTTP: Partial Functions, Implicit Conversions, Futures and Promises

You will develop the skills to:

  • Confidently write production applications with Akka and Akka HTTP
  • Test Actor-based code
  • Design asynchronous, non-blocking and event-driven systems and which best practices to apply
  • Expose Actor-based applications to the web using Akka HTTP

What else should I know?

  • Basic knowledge of Scala is required

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