Beyond Coding Episode #80

Q&A #1: Podcasting, Tech Layoffs and First Job as Developer & More with Patrick Akil

Xebia Wave Long Background


First of its kind on the beyond coding podcast, an episode with just me answering your questions.

Let me know if I should do more of these

New episodes every Wednesday with our host
Patrick Akil!

Big shoutout to
Xebia for making this episode possible!


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00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:43 – Should I go for a master’s degree in computer science?
00:02:35 – How do I get my first job in the tech market?
00:04:35 – Why don’t you tweet more?
00:04:50 – How do new engineers entering the tech field cope with the recent layoffs from companies?
00:07:05 – Favorite podcast episode so far? 🙂
00:08:13 – Hi Patrick, would love to know what was the inspiration behind the podcast?
00:11:33 – Podcast names we didn’t end up going with
00:12:19 – Back to how we created the podcast
00:17:59 – Committing to the podcast too quickly
00:19:20 – Curious to know what goes into creating a podcast episode
00:23:25 – When is person X coming on? 🙁
00:23:51 – What’s your favorite podcast?
00:25:24 – What’s it like being a guest on a podcast?
00:26:40 – What’s your take on hiring in tech?
00:28:53 – Do you hate your own voice?
00:29:56 – How did you get into software development?
00:40:05 – Wrapping up