Beyond Coding Episode #81

Mental Health Problems and Conference Talks with Stacy Cashmore

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Mental health is often overlooked until it’s too late. When that happens, it’s a long way back to recovery.

Stacy Cashmore shares her story involving mental health problems and how trusting people and asking for help will lead you to a better state mentally.
Finding out what works for you and accommodating for yourself should not make you feel bad. It’s completely healthy to look after and take care of your mental health.

My favourite quote:
“Everybody has mental health. Some people have mental health problems, but EVERYBODY has mental health and if you don’t look after your mental health then you’re going to get mental health problems”




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00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:42 – Relistening to yourself
00:03:01 – Not recognising yourself on screen
00:05:24 – Speaking in front of a big audience
00:07:28 – Anxious before going on stage
00:09:27 – Struggling at work and at home
00:11:23 – Attending Techorama lead to Stacy’s first conference talk
00:19:44 – Committing to do something
00:21:49 – Metal health issues from a young age
00:24:30 – Mentally and physically running out of steam
00:25:28 – Reaching out for help
00:28:38 – Taking care of your mental health
00:33:10 – How people want to be interacted with
00:36:02 – Acommodating for your mental health
00:37:53 – Taking care of yourself and saying no
00:41:25 – Stacy’s therapist gave her an order
00:44:37 – The people that guard us from doing too much
00:46:41 – Not overstepping boundaries
00:48:41 – How to ask for help for your mental health
00:52:39 – Find what works for you
00:56:12 – Someone that can give you support