Beyond Coding Episode #79

Product, Relationships and Teamwork with Chiedza Muguti

Xebia Wave Long Background


Product Leadership has always been a topic that I’ve found interesting and wanted to explore more of. Pair that together with the wonderful Chiedza Muguti and you have an amazing episode!

She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to product, leadership, teamwork and more! Had an amazing time learning from her and I finished this episode feeling energised and inspired.



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Big shoutout to
Xebia for making this episode possible!


00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:29 – Product Leadership
00:04:56 – Challenges in inspiring people
00:06:51 – How to get comfortable when you’re uncomfortable
00:09:45 – The effect of how you come across as leader
00:10:57 – Piling up emotions
00:13:56 – How to get effective teams
00:16:27 – Who is responsible for effective teams?
00:19:14 – How to manage deadlines and pressure
00:22:43 – When are things flashing amber?
00:26:19 – Moving from business analyst to product owner
00:32:27 – Familiarising yourself with a domain
00:36:16 – How to prioritise value as PO
00:41:16 – Challenging value and priority
00:44:22 – Not overcomplicating solutions
00:46:44 – technoloby problems are business problems
00:49:30 – Issues with big teams
00:54:39 – Investing in relationships
00:58:22 – Success is in your environment