Beyond Coding Episode #78

Coaching, Listening and Leadership with Sumit Gupta

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This episode is all about coaching and leadership. If you want to get better at either of those, this is the episode for you.

Sumit shares the value of having a personal coach, how listening is a gift and how each coaching skill is also a leadership skill.

My favourite learning is how he breaks down communication into different conversations. Doing so allows you to focus on which conversations are most challenging for you, and get better at having them.



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00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:25 – Why Sumit coaches people?
00:02:21 – Sumit’s journey with Entrepreneurship
00:03:59 – From creating software to helping people
00:08:27 – Realising you can do anything
00:10:29 – How to inspire and motivate
00:11:58 – The value of a personal coach
00:16:07 – How do you create a safe space?
00:20:07 – Leaders being open and vulnerable
00:24:05 – 100% transparency and openness
00:30:06 – Allowing others to contribute
00:32:15 – Gradually taking on leadership responsibilities
00:35:47 – Can leadership be learned or taught?
00:39:15 – No judgements and nothing is negative
00:42:54 – How do you get better at coaching?
00:44:43 – coaching and leadership skills
00:49:13 – Asking for help
00:51:21 – Leadership is about giving