Beyond Coding Episode #82

Diversity, Inclusion and Work Culture in Asia with Priska Burkard

Xebia Wave Long Background


A diverse work culture is what companies are striving for to gain an edge in innovation and to stand out as workplace environment. However, this is easier said than done.

Priska and I explore the diversity and inclusion she’s seen in the Asian work culture in comparison to the European work culture. On top of that, she shares her advice to organisations in hiring and accommodating for a diverse work environment.




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00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:28 – Priska’s experience in Asia
00:02:21 – Differences in the Asian work culture
00:06:04 – Education in Asia
00:06:37 – Diversity differences with Asia
00:11:20 – How organisations can grow to be more diverse
00:14:22 – Offering flexibility for your employees
00:17:47 – Transparent and honest work culture
00:18:35 – Diversity starts in hiring
00:23:25 – Opportunities for women vs. men
00:27:04 – Changing company culture
00:29:09 – Inclusion vs. deadlines
00:31:26 – Diversity from an outside perspective
00:37:01 – Organisations need to distinguish themselves
00:38:19 – How to grow your network
00:44:15 – Final thoughts