Kubernetes, DevOps and SRE the right way with Nana Janashia - 91

Kubernetes, DevOps and SRE the right way with Nana Janashia

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Xebia Wave Long Background


What stuck with me from this chat with Nana is that curiosity and hunger for learning & sharing will bring you further than anything else.

In her case, learning Kubernetes and AWS and sharing that knowledge eventually lead to becoming Docker Captain, AWS Hero & CNCF Ambassador.

Those were never goals, but always a result of focussing on efforts.
In doing so she managed to grow a YouTube community of 700k subs.


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00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:31 – Who does what on the YouTube channel
00:00:59 – How Nana started on YouTube
00:03:15 – Split responsibilities
00:04:34 – How Nana got into DevOps technologies
00:08:19 – Nana’s first Kubernetes experience
00:13:47 – Accommodating for requirements
00:14:30 – Trial and error with Kubernetes early on
00:16:10 – How to make it run & how to make it right
00:20:46 – How Nana stays on top of production level knowledge
00:25:56 – Nana’s love for teaching and simplifying
00:29:20 – The difference between DevOps and SRE
00:33:07 – SRE and DevOps engineers in teams
00:36:55 – Cloud Engineers in a seperate team
00:38:44 – Different solutions
00:39:31 – the DevOps is dead controversy
00:42:00 – Docker Captain, AWS hero and CNCF ambassador
00:43:21 – Nana’s YouTube channel goals
00:44:56 – Focussing on efforts
00:46:03 – Nana’s early in career advice
00:48:04 – You take learnings with you
00:51:29 – Curiosity and learning new things