Q&A #2: First Job Advice & Tips and Skills vs. Degree & More with Patrick Akil - 90

Q&A #2: First Job Advice & Tips and Skills vs. Degree & More with Patrick Akil

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We’re back with another Q&A episode!

Had a blast answering your questions
Let me know if I should do more of these

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New episodes every Wednesday with our host  Patrick Akil!  
Big shoutout to Xebia for making this episode possible!

00:00:00 – Getting ready
00:00:39 – What was your first software development job experience?
00:04:22 – Do you have any tips or advice for new engineers entering the field?
00:07:39 – Is a degree actually required, or are skills enough?
00:09:50 – Drink water advice
00:09:59 – How does a junior developer get their first job?
00:13:39 – What books / resources would you recommend to improve problem solving?
00:17:13 – What resources and practises did you use to improve your problem solving skills?
00:20:42 – What motivates you in your career?
00:24:14 – What is some of the best advice you’ve ever gotten on the podcast?
00:28:38 – What is your new year’s resolution for the podcast?
00:30:49 – How do you stay motivated in doing the podcast?
00:32:21 – Do you think you will ever run out of topics for the podcast?
00:34:30 – What is your advice for those that are thinking of starting a podcast?
00:36:19 – Who is your main inspiration in life?
00:38:06 – Mic drop