Beyond Coding Episode #92

Ethics, Values, and Layoffs in Big Tech with Dorothea Baur

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Can companies afford ethics in bad times? Looking at the recent mass layoffs in big tech, it looks like they couldn’t.

Dorothea Baur shares how she combines ethics and strategy to bring value to organisations. Next to that, we discuss the relationship between ethics, purpose and company values. Through this lens, we discuss the reputational damage of the big tech layoffs.



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00:00:25 – The sea of fog in Switzerland
00:03:12 – Dorothea’s day to day
00:04:06 – Synthetic media and plagiarism
00:06:24 – The EU AI Act
00:07:52 – Dorothea is an Ethics Strategy Consultant
00:09:07 – Combining Ethics and Strategy
00:10:45 – Company Values and Ethics
00:13:13 – Ethics and Core Business
00:16:02 – Interpretation of Ethics
00:18:08 – What is fair?
00:19:55 – Making money from ethical actions
00:21:57 – Ethics help create a strong culture
00:23:21 – Purpose
00:25:14 – Younger generations care about purpose
00:27:56 – Awareness of world impact
00:29:42 – Patrick lives under a rock
00:30:29 – Ethically sound and integrity
00:33:49 – Incentives and Ethics
00:34:58 – Layoffs in Big Tech
00:37:09 – Using the law to your advantage in firing people
00:39:00 – Can companies afford ethics?
00:41:25 – Reputational damage
00:42:43 – Employee protection & gaps in regulations
00:45:22 – The impact of ChatGPT
00:48:47 – Rounding off