Beyond Coding Episode #93

Knowledge Sharing through Writing with Luca Rossi

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I know many developers that blog, or have ever thought of blogging. I’m in that group as well.

But the people I know that have turned writing into their full-time gig is a lot smaller.

Luca Rossi belongs to that group and he comes on to share how he started, how he optimised his process and also what challenges he faces: ivory tower writing, solo perspective and being a liability to name a few.

I’m happy to have had such an open and honest conversation with him about his process, learnings and these challenges. I’m sure you’ll love it!



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00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:30 – Flexible schedules
00:02:15 – Accountable to deliver
00:03:34 – How Luca started his newsletter
00:05:54 – Newsletters that inspired Luca
00:07:30 – Deciding to write full-time
00:09:20 – How people find Luca’s newsletter
00:11:19 – Getting feedback
00:12:42 – Finding your niche
00:16:16 – Connecting with the person
00:17:46 – Editing the  podcast episodes
00:18:57 – Tying feedback to your vision
00:20:18 – Advice & feedback that stuck with Luca
00:22:07 – Skills you develop while writing full-time
00:24:36 – Should engineers write?
00:26:39 – Writing to stand the test of time
00:30:03 – Staying away from ivory tower writing
00:32:36 – The challenges of a single perspective
00:35:04 – Luca’s optimized writing process
00:38:54 – Increasing quality incrementally
00:40:30 – quality AND consistency
00:42:19 – to push or go easy on yourself
00:43:21 – Conversations can energize you
00:44:49 – long-term planning vs. enjoying the ride
00:46:13 – Treating the newsletter like a product