Beyond Coding Episode #94

Platform Engineering & Platform as a Product with Luca Galante

Xebia Wave Long Background


What is Platform Engineering, why does it exist and why should you care? Those are the main questions we discuss in this episode and who better to do that with than Luca Galante

He shares his journey with platform engineering, the different flavours he’s seen in organisations and how the DevOps is dead controversy developed.



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00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:26 – How Luca got into Platform Engineering
00:04:01 – Shared identity
00:07:00 – What is platform engineering?
00:08:35 – Platform as a product
00:11:34 – Platform team structures
00:14:42 – The right level of abstraction
00:17:02 – Frustration in complex landscapes
00:18:46 – Ideal starting point for platform teams
00:21:23 – Platform teams competing
00:24:32 – Falling in love with your platform
00:26:09 – Managed solutions
00:28:31 – Blueprints and reference architectures
00:31:22 – Being sustainable
00:33:19 – Zero to one and one+ people
00:35:45 – No platform team yet?
00:38:14 – Tragedy of the commons
00:40:05 – Why platform initiatives fail
00:42:13 – Technical product owners
00:45:05 – Feedback & solving real problems
00:47:02 – The DevOps is dead controversy
00:50:32 – DevOps is dead booth on KubeCon
00:53:26 – Having a healthy conversation