Beyond Coding Episode #103

Insecurities, Judgement, Behaviour and Self-Care with Alex Østergaard

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Insecurities, everyone has them, but not everyone deals with them the same. And interestingly enough, behaviour and insecurities can originate from experiences you’ve had as a child.

This is one of the many takeaways I had from chatting with Alex Østergaard on this episode. 

With an interest in coaching myself, it was a real pleasure to learn from his perspective and how he does things. Active listening, zero judgement and self-compassion being a few ingredients to his success. 



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00:00:00 – Intro

00:00:38 – Patrick's managers

00:01:42 – Resources to help with coaching

00:03:27 – How to build up trust

00:04:40 – No Judgement

00:06:03 – Criticism and drive

00:06:48 – Self-compassion

00:09:04 – Feeling of being not good enough

00:12:55 – Self-care

00:15:36 – Getting out of a slope

00:18:09 – Control how you feel

00:20:55 – Alex's LinkedIn profile is amazing

00:21:48 – Big Tech Tunnel Vision

00:24:18 – Toxic relationship with your company

00:25:50 – Weight of gold

00:26:47 – Fulfilment vs. compensation

00:28:52 – Self doubt and trusting yourself

00:32:38 – Patrick's past insecurities joining Xebia

00:35:38 – None of us know what we're doing

00:36:24 – What people think of you

00:38:26 – Fear of judgement

00:39:19 – Judgement from the podcast

00:40:30 – Asking for help

00:41:41 – 5 types of imposter syndrome

00:43:28 – Pride

00:45:37 – Behaviour explained through the past

00:47:30 – No one is to blame

00:49:00 – It's not right or wrong