Beyond Coding Episode #104

How to Build a Product Company with Andreas Prins

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Andreas Prins comes on to share the pivot and journey he’s gone through with StackState, a product company. My biggest takeaway is how much more effective you can be by solving one problem, and solving it really well. By maintaining focus on a single use case, things become simpler and more clear. Both from a customer perspective, as well as from the teams that build the product.


“If you need 6 web pages to explain what you do, you might want to rethink your solution”

One of my favourite quotes from the episode.


It was a real pleasure to learn from his journey and I hope it’s a good listen as well 🙂




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00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:28 – The day to day of Andreas
00:01:14 – Market Research
00:02:31 – Taking ideas from open source
00:03:45 – What problem is StackState solving?
00:06:45 – How has StackState evolved?
00:09:46 – Building the right thing
00:12:55 – Engineers adopting solutions
00:16:17 – Breadth vs. depth
00:17:54 – Feedback from the engineering team and customers
00:20:26 – Who talks to customers?
00:21:55 – Pitfalls of technical founders
00:25:49 – Super focus on one problem
00:27:20 – Getting great engagement at demo’s
00:30:30 – Processing feedback
00:32:51 – Understanding the big picture
00:35:56 – Entrepreneurial mindset
00:37:41 – Entrepreneurial environments
00:40:18 – Open core and building a community
00:45:52 – Not accepting the status quo
00:47:29 – Outro