Beyond Coding Episode #102

High Performance Mindset with Reiner Kraft

Xebia Wave Long Background


Managing your mind. It’s not something I thought you could do, or would need to do. But after chatting with Reiner Kraft, I think doing so can have a profound impact on bringing focus and increasing performance.


Reiner shares his journey of becoming aware of mindfulness to now helping others to manage their minds with data and through coaching.





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00:00:00 – Intro

00:00:25 – Work Culture USA VS EU

00:00:25 – Career path

00:01:32 – Changing Your Work environment

00:02:31 – Stress & Mindfulness

00:04:06 – Working culture in Europe

00:07:25 – Pressure at work

00:12:56 – A state of flow

00:17:04 – Measuring present awareness

00:20:05 – Becoming more mindful

00:27:46 – Mental work vs. physical work

00:32:59 – Growing up and focusing

00:37:56 – Influence of technology on body and mind

00:43:39 – Performance of the mind and body

00:49:44 – Changing your lifestyle

00:54:39 – Outro